Can I lose my license for having a seizure?

  1. I have already had my driver's license suspended and now I am concerned that the day may come where I could lose my nursing license. I am having difficulty controlling my seizures even with all of the meds that are being prescribed and all the neurologists who are following my case. If I were to have a seizure while at work could that be reported to the BON as me being unable to give proper patient care? I had to leave one of my jobs because I was doing home care and was afraid of being alone and not being able to respond to the client during the seizure. My last job I did not tell them I had epilepsy since they didn't ask and I didn't want it to become an issue and didn't think it would be. I thought they were controlled. I had 3 seizures at work and knew they didn't want to leave me alone with residents and I understood why so I left. I am a danger to everyone it seems.
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  3. by   oramar
    Oh you poor thing, the last line of your post just tears my heart out. How terrible for you to feel that way. I think the thing here is to get this under control some way. Is anyone talking to you about some new therapies? Let me see what have I heard? Things like deep brain stimulation and ablation of the tissue that causes the seizures? I don't know what your BON will do if anything. Different state BONs have such different approaches, some are really progressive and other are right out of the 19th century. I would hope they would show some compassion since have not done anything wrong, you just have a medical condition. You can see I am not being much help but I know this site and there will be people here that know a lot more about this than me. Good luck and God bless.
  4. by   caliotter3
    I feel so sorry for you. It seems you are being forced out. But to me, as long as your doctor is with you in this, you could work in a setting where there are other medical personnel and you could receive medical attention if you were to go down on the job. When my daughter was having problems they would just put her in a room in the ER (she worked at the ER) until she went on disability. If your doctor says you can't work, then make sure you are put on disability. Prayers with you.
  5. by   sissiesmama
    Lovebug - I am sorry about your situation. I do understand how you feel. Within the last month, I suffered a seizure while watching tv at home with my dh, who is also a nurse. I have never felt so bad as when I started coming around after dh had already called 911 and the fire rescue unit had arrived. I had NO clue what had transpired and was trying to figure out why there were 2 strange men in our bedroom. and wasn't sure why he said w were going to the ER. When I saw the flashing lights on the fire truck, I thought someone had been in a wreck in front of the house and got up trying to find my first aid kit. I guess I was going to go out and see if anyone was injured. I don't think I really realized what was going on until I arrived at the ER.

    Since then, I have even been scared at night to even go to sleep if my dh isn't in bed. When I had my seizure, I stopped breathing with mine, and probably would have died if dh had not been here with me. I guess it's like you get so many things taken from you when you are dx with them. I knew I wouldn't be able to drive for a certain amount of time, I have been off work for a while with cardiac based problems, so I have been at home anyway.

    Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone is going through this, and you're in my thoughts. I hope the docs do get you straightened out with your meds. I never understood how my patients with a seizure disorder felt until now. It's not a good feeling, never knowing where you will be or when another one may hit you.

    You will be in our thoughts - Anne
  6. by   freddiebear
    your question could be best answered by your BRN.

    Is there a position in nursing that you could hold that did not require direct patient care?