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So i just found out i have symtoms of aspergers. What i want to know is can a nurse with aspergers make it in the nursing field. And has anyone worked with a nurse with aspergers.... Read More

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    I hope this isn't going to sound too ignorant, but I was wondering if a nurse with Asperger's would possibly be more successful in a specialty with less highly charged patient interaction. I'm thinking PACU, outpatient clinics, maybe industrial health and safety... Or am I really off base with that?
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    Sorry it has taken me soooo long to update u all but was not diagnosed with as but with social anxiety.... Im working closely with a therapist one a week.. Its helps out....
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    I'm so glad you're getting treatment that is helpful! Thank you for bringing us up to date, and hang in there.
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    I think there are way too many folks with AS now and because of that empathy concept was included into the curricula, lol

    I'm finishing the nursing school and have had many struggles. Group work sucks balls! Especially because English is not my native language. But I just learned a lot about non-verbals and social norms and trying to fit in. Takes a lot of energy. Sometimes I get so exhausted that I relax and become awkward again. Then I call myself Sheldon Cooper

    Everything is possible, but it will be very draining... I will try to get into the research field, get Master's Degree and find something with less social interactions.

    Or get a NICU speciality. I know that there I will have to talk to parents. but at least it will be meaningful, not just stupid chit-chat.
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    Just curious, what career did you end up going into? I'm in the same boat right now. Just got diagnosed with mild aspergers, looking to change careers. Nursing has been so stressful!! I haven't fit in anywhere. I've worked at 3 different places in a 9 year span of time. I'm thinking about doing medical coding.
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    I have never been officially diagnosed but I have many of the symptoms but I always knew I wanted to be a nurse because I like to help other people , caring for the sick seems to come naturally for me and I have always had a strong interest in medical issues and how the body functions I worked as a nurse aide for 13 years and have been a nurse for almost nine years I love what I do I may not go to staff parties or do a lot of socializing but I figure I am there for the patients not to socialize anyway so if you feel nursing is your calling go for it and stick to your plans don't pay attention to what others say or think I can't think of myself doing any other line of work
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    Do what you feel is right in your heart