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So i just found out i have symtoms of aspergers. What i want to know is can a nurse with aspergers make it in the nursing field. And has anyone worked with a nurse with aspergers.... Read More

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    I have Aspergers (diagnosed at approximately 15 or 16 I think) and my case is classed as moderate. I have not had any problems between myself and patients, but have had a few problems between colleagues and myself if they don't understand who I am and they may not understand I am "frank", not being offensive. I just sometimes accidently tell it how it is, or say inappropriate things! Most people assume I just have a quirky sense of humour. Quirky I think is a great word to describe it! Also, and this is embarrassing when I get overly excited I flap my hands to let the "excitement out" sometimes.

    I have not informed anyone at my work except for very close people I would call "friends", because quite frankly it is not their business. I would only inform people if a situation escalated to HR. People can be biased and afraid of what they don't know, and therefore may look down upon me or my work.

    Oh, and I do not have a strict routine obsession or anything like that like some people do (That would be hard with nursing! Patients don't follow what you want to do sometimes!). I find things easier to understand when they have rules attached to them and things are going by the rules, however my case has more to do with social interactions and thinking things in black and white.

    If you would like to PM me to find out more or anything I am happy to chat. Basically, don't let a diagnosis get in the way of what you want to do - nursing has SO MANY AVENUES!!

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    Asperger's is officially about to fall from the books of the upcoming DSM V. Just an FYI.

    But really, in respect to any field you should look at your strengths and weaknesses and then decide if that field is right for you and if you will be an asset in that field. You can't live your life by labels. Particularly as they seem to change all the time anyway...
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    I have been a nurse for 3.5 years. Two months ago, I was diagnosed with Aspergers (at the age of 30). It has been a huge relief and also another huge source of stress as I begin adjusting my understanding of myself and learn to deal with my diagnosis. I am starting therapy next week. Nursing has been both rewarding and miserable - sometimes in the same night. Finding out I have AS is helping me to understand a lot of the problems I had throughout school and while working. It is an extremely demanding profession, even more so for someone with AS. If I had known about my AS before now, I probably would not have pursued nursing because it is very overwhelming and stressful for me. Despite my experience, I still struggle with relatively elementary nursing tasks, and it is frustrating to see younger nurses pass me by. I was passed over for a promotion because of my lack of social skills, and the fact is that I will never really be able to advance in nursing beyond the bedside because of these limitations. Even after a good night, I am completely drained and exhausted. After working a couple of days in a row, I just want to curl up in my bed and shut everyone out. I don't fit in or get along well with most of my co-workers despite various attempts to interact with them. I am completely my BSN (it is required by my current employer) and then I am going to work towards a new degree so I can get a job that will better suit my strengths and weaknesses. I'm not saying, "don't go into nursing," but I wish I had realized how difficult it was going to be, how it is a constant fight and struggle. In this profession, nothing has come easily to me and everything overwhelms me. Figure out where your strengths lie and how much stress you can deal with. If possible, see if you can follow a nurse around for a few shifts to get an idea of what it is like.
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    I hope this isn't going to sound too ignorant, but I was wondering if a nurse with Asperger's would possibly be more successful in a specialty with less highly charged patient interaction. I'm thinking PACU, outpatient clinics, maybe industrial health and safety... Or am I really off base with that?
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    Sorry it has taken me soooo long to update u all but was not diagnosed with as but with social anxiety.... Im working closely with a therapist one a week.. Its helps out....
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    I'm so glad you're getting treatment that is helpful! Thank you for bringing us up to date, and hang in there.
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    I think there are way too many folks with AS now and because of that empathy concept was included into the curricula, lol

    I'm finishing the nursing school and have had many struggles. Group work sucks balls! Especially because English is not my native language. But I just learned a lot about non-verbals and social norms and trying to fit in. Takes a lot of energy. Sometimes I get so exhausted that I relax and become awkward again. Then I call myself Sheldon Cooper

    Everything is possible, but it will be very draining... I will try to get into the research field, get Master's Degree and find something with less social interactions.

    Or get a NICU speciality. I know that there I will have to talk to parents. but at least it will be meaningful, not just stupid chit-chat.
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