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reflex sympathetic dystrophy? i was tentatively d/xed with it today :angryfire... Read More

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    Quote from czyja
    Hiya Hoozdo! I am glad to hear you are feeling a little better. I work in the workers comp arena and insurance companies are truly awful. Kick, scream, and threaten to get the treatment you need. Do you have a lawyer? If not, get a good one. You have a highly compensable work related condition. A lawyer will be all over the insurers. Also if you are in Cali or a handful of other states psych sequelae are covered. I few visits with a counselor, preferably in an integrated pain management setting is known to help.

    Hi there my friend,
    Previously my WC RN was very responsive to me and we talked daily. I never thought I needed a lawyer. I think I do now and I am searching. I have only searched through the internet and don't have many bites WC is trying to close my case and I am FAR from being pain free.
    THank you for the sincere advice

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    i have rsd. i was diagnosed when i was 12 years old (august 1999) after chronic pain following a reinjury of my left lower leg. i went to several doctors that accused me of "faking it" to get out of school and by the time my mother who thank god is a nurse found someone who knew about this disease, i was wearing ace wraps over the leg, not even getting my leg wet because it hurt so much, and barely walking. my physician gave me over 30 epidurals (most injections and 3 continous blocks for 48 hours of more) and 1 sympathetic block. within 9 months, the disease went away. of course i never forgot and was thankful to be pain free, but i moved on.

    until october 2008. week 8 of my 1st semester in my senior year of nursing school, the pain was back. i knew what it was and immediately called the same physician that cared for me so many years ago. i thought he was more upset than i was. i had a block later that day. i had a few more blocks then we tried a dorsal column stimulator. i had the stimulator placed december 5. i was able to barely complete last semester and expected the stimulator to really help make the pain go away.

    well here i am 6 weeks later and still in pain. i started back to class monday and know that the stress of school has a negative effect because of the sympathetic nerve activation. i'm not sure how i am going to do it but i will get through this semester with all of the clinical days and testing that comes with the last semester of nursing school (thank god it is the last).

    i am still attempting to figure out what to do with the degree when i finish because i'm lucky to get a few good hours on my feet and i was planning all along to go back to school to become a midwife. if anyone has information or suggestions regarding jobs that would fit someone who is a new grad with only clinical experience and cannot stand and walk for long periods of time. i live in the midwest, but i would be willing to move anywhere if i had a job that fit my needs.

    oh and anyone else with this disorder - i am so sorry. one day at a time and i read the serenity prayer frequently.

    thank you in advance,
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    Hi Ruthie,
    I am so sorry your pain has returned. Do you have a Medtronics stimulator? I have heard through RSD forums that if you get relief from the stimulator is usually only lasts for about 6 months.

    Have you investigated intrathecal pain pumps? If you go this route, I would recommend doing a lot of research on the drug Prialt if they want to use that on you. Can you get anymore sympathetic nerve blocks?

    I am doing well and still in remission (fingers crossed). The only thing that causes an issue is the vibrations of driving if I hold the steering wheel with my left hand. I do a lot of right handed driving!

    Take care!

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