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by AA012

I was wondering if anyone on this forum is currently or has used the VA Vocational Rehab program to go through nursing school? I am in school for my RN and looking at becoming an advanced practiced nurse (apn). I need help with... Read More

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    Thanks everyone for the great insight.
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    Quote from Camwill
    I am at 40% for bilateral knee and hip problem. I had to get a letter from my doctor and show a job that I could do without causing further injury. I also had to get a letter from a hospital willing to hire me with my disability. I did that and showed proof I needed my master to be competitive for the position I wanted. I graduate in May I will be working with that hospital and finishing my master while doing it.

    Thank you so much Camwill! That will help me fight it. Because I have been employed in jobs that people will more sever back and knee pains could not do and I am fine. No pain or issues. We will have the once in awhile pain which is normal for any injuries but to tell me I can't do it when I am working now and it is not bothering me.

    I am already in Voc Rehab and My Case Manager keeps telling me that it has to be within my capabilities. I see yours are not that much different from me. Bilateral Knees and Back Pain with asthma that doesn't bother me much. I don't even carry an inhaler regularly. I see the doctor maybe once a year if that for the back and knees but I have not been bed ridden from it or taken off work.

    I am going to continue talking to him about it. I will work on the letters from the doctor about it as well. If you don't mind, what state are you in? I am in California.
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    I am in Missouri Good luck with your counselor. My counselor was on board when I had the Dr's note and I was offered a job that would be willing to hire me without causing further injury to me.
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    My service connected disabilities include abdominal pain (residuals from organ damage), diabetic neuropathy (left hand, both feet), diabetes, speech impairment, and mental condition (unspoken). So basically, it hurts to walk, hurts to use my hand, I can't speak well at times, I can't do heavy lifting, and I'm on psych meds....and I got approved for a MSN-Family Practitioner! I start my BSN program in May, 2014.

    Basically, I had to show that I wanted to work in ambulatory care. Ambulatory care is not seen as being as hectic as staff nursing in hospitals, or other types of nursing. I had to say that my work environment would provide me opportunities to sit down. I had to show history of stable mental health, I had to get a doctors statement saying that I can do light lifting and that nursing would not aggravate my disabilities. The list goes on...basically I had to prove I can make it as a nurse.

    I already have a bachelors degree in a non-health related field, I was a former paramedic, and my voc rehab counselor is awesome! All those factors played a part in my approval. I asked for ASN, she insisted on MSN! How cool is that!
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    Irishluck, Like yourself, I am a USN veteran. I went to my VA voc rehab appointment yesterday and my counselor denied me on pursuing a nursing degree "do to it aggravating my disability" in your experience, is what she said the truth or is it a way of nicely denying my request? Do you have any pointers on how I can change her mind?