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Should I tell my nursing school I have ADHD??? I have been debating this issue for a while now. I am currently in nursing school and half way through med surg. I have ADHD and on medication. I am a good student and I always... Read More

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    Back when i went to nursing school (1975-1979) learning differences were "your problem" (actually they weren't even acknowledged). Like I said before, no tape recorders were allowed, there were no power point lectures and very few teachers gave handouts so you had to read the books. If the teachers have it all on line or in handouts thats wonderful. I remember a Micro teacher who wrote the worst outlines I've ever seen. I got an A in his class but God knows how.

    Pretty soon you'll find your own rhythm. Is there anyone else in your class that has learning differences? Work together and learn from them. Use every resource that is available to you and be thankful the resources are there.

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