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ADHD Nurses-what area do you specialize in? - page 4

I would very much like to hear from other nurses with ADHD/ADD! What area of nursing do you work in? What do you love about it? I appreciate all who take the time to answer :) Thanks... Read More

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    I am a nurse with combined type adhd. I got my rn about 7 months ago. I'm currently working in home care because that's the job I got, but it's waaaay too boring for me. At this point I'm going nuts and I need a hospital job.
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    I'm not sure what my type would be, but probably combined. I had trouble in nursing school paying attention to lectures and in clinical (e.g. during my first med surg placement the nurses complained behind my back for being loud/ excessively, talking out loud while reading charting, and looking 'lost'). After that point, I went on medication.

    Now I work in long term care, and do anything from med pass to 40 residents on the floor to being charge nurse of the 8 floor building, to my current task of implementing a clinical research project. My learned ability of organization/ attention to detail has even come across as a positive to my supervisors. I print out a sheet of my residents and write down everything I have to do/ anything to mention on report/ everything I need to chart. I also constantly write 'to do' lists to reinforce what I need to do/ prioritize. I'm able to maintain my focus if I'm on top of my nutrition/ hydration and sleep.
    I'm fortunate to have found a place that provides enough stimulus to pique my interest and opportunities for learning/ growth!
    I've found a big part of managing innatention symptoms is creating organizational systems for yourself, and getting acclimated to the environment. Once you get enough experience, you figure out what's important to make note of (like how a resident takes meds), and it makes adapting to new environments easier
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    Critical care

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