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I would very much like to hear from other nurses with ADHD/ADD! What area of nursing do you work in? What do you love about it? I appreciate all who take the time to answer :) Thanks... Read More

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    I have Adhd, I was first diagnosised in 1998. I have been an RN for a little over 2 years now and I work at VA hospital on the med / sugical unit. I like working the night shift because of my Adhd. I stay better focused on nights. I have since gotten another up dated testing to confirm my ADHD to my employer. I have had some problems, where I have made mistakes in my charting and forgetting to scan a couple of med, throught our barcode admistation. I was put on a PiP program for 5 mointh. It's a performance improvement program. I was pulled off of my nights and put on days with a mentor. I had to meet with my Nurse Manager every 2 weeks for 90 days. Now the meeting were suppused to non disipliary. She was very harsh . She made fusses over very little things. When I corrected some of the mistake that was included on charting, my nurse manager contiued to come up with new problem that did'nt seem to bother her before. Many of my fellow nurses letters on my behalf that I have improve enough to be put back on my reg shift. My nurse manager knew in April that I had ADHD. She is trying to get me fired for practice issues. I am on administrative paid leave till the make a decision westher they keep me or not

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    I am so glad to have read these posts. I have ADHD but am also OCD, and I work in a small hospital ICU. i beat myself up all the time for things and often question if I am in the right field/dept. I have always struggled with insecurity throughout my life (have been in therapy and understand why). I will be 40 this year, and have decided that this is the year I will no longer feel bad about my flaws, and am taking a more assertive approach to my life/career. My advice to anyone...
    1) not only complete your continuing education but routinely continue to review systems etc. as well as ACLS etc. The saying "knowledge is power" is true and in my case, Knowledge is confidence. Plus, i have a little/mini journal notebook (yes its color coordinated as well) that I have made my own notes/cheat sheets on regarding things I've seen and cared for etc. By using my own notes/language (personal shorthand), it's easier to recall.
    2) I have a few co-workers that I'm close w/ as well as my manager that understand my "issues". I'm fortunate in that they are encouraging and have never made me feel inadequate. Which honestly, is a constant fear I have, mainly because I have such high expectations of myself. (Story of my life lol) .thanks to everyone for sharing their issues/advise. I appreciate them!
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    I work in the OR! Great place for those with ADD!
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    Quote from lelequet
    Me personally, I have a hard time keeping up with the fast pace. I am in a adult day care where its a little more smoother until i know what im doing cause one day i get it and the next my nerves take over and its like ive never aqquired the skill.
    This is how I am too, the faster pace sometimes sends me into overdrive and super-distractability. Especially if I'm on a wonky schedule and can't get 5-6 hours of sleep, my mouth begins running on its own and it doesn't matter what I do, I forget EVERYTHING.

    School nursing has worked out well for me, because it's the same schedule every week (well, except holidays and snow days!) and I know I'll have meds at 7:15, and q30 mins from 11am-1pm, so I can plan special programs around that. But beyond that, I have no idea what or when something will come through my door! It's enough structure that I can make my lists and plan my day and have time for all my double checks, but it's still got enough variance that I don't get bored. (And when I do, I am able to find something to do.)
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    ER, perfect fit. I would be too bored. i did ICU rotatations during my orienation and i was so bored. icu was too ocd and not enough chaos haha
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    Reading through the responses just floored me! I'm ADHD inattentive, currently in nursing school pulling high honors. I was really worried that once I graduate I would have a hard time finding work. A big thank you for all who posted. You really gave me confidence that it will work out.

    That said I was an LNA before entering school and I loved LTC on the Alzheimer's unit. Always something, always a challenge. It really kept me focused. The only struggle I had was with coworkers. Id' really like to go into hospice care once I get my RN.

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