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You are Awesome!

  1. 14 It's great to get some recognition for all the work you do. I know it doesn't happen as often as you like but you are appreciated. With everything you do - nursing career, taking care of patients, husband/wife, kids, finances, etc ... you are bound to make someone happy today. Give each other a ((virtual hug)). You deserve it.

    You are AWESOME!!

    Nurses, share your stories! What do you juggle on a daily basis?

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    Thank you
    The cartoon is super cute
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    We are awesome indeed!
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    No juggling during any given day here. I devote 2 days a week for BSN courses; 2 days a week for work; and 3 days a week for me. Absolutely nothing is allowed except for its assigned day! I don't take phone calls from work on school days, I don't do school work on work days, and I certainly don't do either of those on my days. But, if we consider what we juggle in a week, let's chat..

    Strategic planning at is best!
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    Thankfully all I have to balance is school work and a husband! No kiddies yet!
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    Thank goodness my son is grown... however, I have to toss in juggling illnesses.... its tough when you often get sick!!
    have a great day!!

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