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What type of shoes do you buy? - page 4

We go through shoes really fast don't we? How many shoes do you go through per year? What brand do you purchase? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your... Read More

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    Quote from studentrn313
    This sounds odd.. I've been buying payless shoes that wear out after about 3 months. They are only $10. Our shoes (since were still in school) need to be white.

    Does anyone have suggestions for a size 4W shoe?? I have new balance too but I don't think they are cushy enough for me to run around 12 hours a day in.

    I hate shoes after this experience.
    I believe payless now has a "work" shoe in white, black, and possibly other colors. Sometimes their the best bet for small feet because their "children's" shoes are the same or similar to the adult version. Often the kids shoes are cheaper too.
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    Keen's with custom, medical grade orthotics with comfortable supportive socks.
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    Quote from evieinco
    Alegria...love them! Need another pair...kind of addicting. Alegria Nursing Shoes, Medical Clogs - Professional Work Shoes by PG Lite
    Agree! Not cheap but the only shoe that never gives me foot or knee pain after 12 hrs. The different styles/colors are addicting. I have 3 pair and I think I need more.
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    You can NEVER have enough nursing shoes!
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    I bought a pair of Sanita Clogs, and I think they run small. Even though I got a size bigger than what I wear, mine still hit my arch> I love them though! I have Plantar Fasciitis and when I wear them my feet and heels don't hurt AT ALL. I'm also partial to Nike shoes- good ach support, and i can wear my insoles with them.
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    I wear Danskos, Allegria, and Nike Air...I have a high instep and they all help so much!
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    Dansko for me too. They are the best.

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