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Have you ever had to deal with a difficult patient? It's challenging to say the least, but did you know that they help you become a better nurse? It's not always easy to find the reason behind unruly patients but if you... Read More

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    I have noticed that SOME people in general, whether or not they are a patient in a health care setting, have to have it be all about them. They have to be the boss, call the shots, etc. When I have these people as patients, I let them do just that. I am friendly, receptive and listen to what they want. If I let them "be the boss" they usually become easy patients and prefer me over other PCAs. Its not a matter of letting them walk over me, or not doing my job, etc, its learning how to communicate with different personality types. Whether this will work or not once I finish school and become an RN, I do not know! lol

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    Oh, most certainly will help you as an RN. You're already way ahead of most of the planet on that score---you have great instincts that will serve you AND your patients well. =)
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    one thing I have learned in life is you can not change others. You have to change YOUR aittude in how you cope with difficult people
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    the earlier advice about investing time early on usually works. also, if appropriate, humor works wonders. i had a grouchy little old man that i was to ambulate post cardiac cath. he was so impatient that he didn't want to wait for me to put a robe on him. he said he did not care if he mooned everyone while walking. he was in a hurry to dc home post ambulation. i very calmly told him that if he walked the halls with his behind shinning then all the ladies would be throwing themselves at him and stopping him to get his phone number and that would certainly slow us down. he just grinned and said, "i reckon so." he then put on his robe without a fuss.
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    That is very true. There are some patients who want more attention than others. They always feel the need to make the final decision themselves. These types of patients require patience and receptiveness. By making them feel that they are being heard and understood, they tend to mellow down and create less tension.
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    there IS a reason why they are frustrated or angry. Define difficult! No one wants to use their heads these days, to ask the patient, why?
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    definitely, we all been there done that, got a key chain, t-shirt and a frame

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