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  1. by   uRNmyway
    Quote from BrandonLPN
    I find it amusing when, despite all their OCD rituals, it's the germaphobe who gets sick first.
    I think it is BECAUSE of the OCD rituals that germaphobes get sick first. Their body has not been exposed to healthy doses of germs so their immune system is crud.
  2. by   sapphire18
    Quote from hopeful_27
    I am a total germaphobe! I use bleach wipes to wipe the computer prior to use. I wash my hands then use the sanitizer for my hands and glove up to every patients I see, even when they ask me to hand them water. I use alcohol wipes to clean my stethoscope with each patient use. Before leaving work, I wash my hands two times then put on gloves, use bleach wipes to wipe my shoes and clipboard. I practically use a whole box of alcohol wipes at the end of my shift. Then when I get to my car, I slip out of my shoes ( wearing gloves) put it in the trunk and put on another pair, then use sanitizer again. When I get home, I take off my scrubs in the laundry basket for scrubs only in the laundry room. Then take a really hot shower. I had nurses looking at me like I am crazy, but I don't care! Don't want to bring anything home or catch anything myself.

    I used to take off my scrubs in the parking garage before getting in the car to put it in the trunk (I always have undershirts and shorts underneath my scrubs) but stopped because I see people literally stop and watch me every time, I guess they thought I was stripping naked for all to see.
    Not saying this to be mean, but this is not healthy.
  3. by   nursefrances
    [QUOTE=Jeweles26;7028527]I had a colleague when I was right out of school who was a pretty extreme germophobe. She even applied Purell to her new boyfriends lips before kissing him because he had a cold sore, and gave him this big shpiel on how he had herpes.[/QUOTE]

  4. by   adnrnstudent
    It's funny how a doc can't overcome OCD even with their scientific background knowing that much of the germ crap is total BS.
  5. by   Lizzily
    Purell to her new boyfriends lips before kissing him
    OMG! She could have really been mean and used bleached instead of Purell.

    I am a germaphobe! I wash my hands before I eat and again if I touch something like a door knob. Our family holds hands while saying a pray before eating, I must rewash my hands again before I can eat. I will not drink out of anyone so my mom teases me about it by acting like she is going to drink out of my tea.
  6. by   bbuerke
    Had a co-worker who was a total germaphobe. The thing was not only did she have all those rituals, she would talk about it incessantly, how everything grossed her out. Seriously, it would occupy a large percentage of conversation with this woman and it really made me want to ask "How/why are you a nurse? Clearly working in the hospital is exacerbating your neuroses..." I feel bad for these folks, OCD is terrible and can really cause major anxiety and impair a person's ability to function. My poor cousin's hands are always bloody from excessive handwashing with very hot water.