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If you have had the misfortune of being a patient in the hospital, what stands out about your experience? No matter the specific reason for your admission, Iím sure it was an experience you would rather not have had. What was... Read More

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    Quote from raianne
    Doctors wrote the orders, and made the big decisions, but it was a nurse who was holding my hair back when I was throwing up during my first chemo, a nurse who dealt with my body's initial reaction to Rituximab (it was not a fun time), and it was nurses who accessed my port and hung the drugs that saved my life.

    I also never forget that patients can hear what you say when you're not in their room.

    Thank you so much for sharing this, raianne!! I especially like the distinction you made between what doctors and nurse do. Nurses care through their actions. They are the patient advocates. They know the patients on a deeper level.

    I bet you are an awesome nurse!!
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    beautiful post...really needed this. i will love 'all'..
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    My longest consecutive stint admitted was 35 days. I was 19 years old and wasting away from Crohn's. You learn quickly that a ****** nurse is a drag, but a cool nurse could make you forget you are in the hospital.

    I strive to be that cool nurse. Having pt's tell me "you're the best nurse I've ever had," doesn't come by chance. Put yourself in their shoes, it makes a difference.
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    I agree with this 100%! but how can you manage when you have 6 patients to care for? Sometimes you have to sacrifice those details in order to be able to assess them, give the medications, Dx tests, etc.
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    great post. empathy is a key..
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    I am one of those who is becoming a nurse because of the nurses (the good ones) who impacted me (and continue to) as I've dealt with both chronic and acute illnesses for the majority of my's sometimes an odd "balance"--I'm the student nurse in clinical all day and then the patient all night/weekend (literally....sometimes when the ER is busy I do both, and manage my own IV's!), but I have to believe that knowing how it feels to be in that bed helps me care a little more, be a little kinder, and hopefully be one of the "good ones".....(and for better or worse, dealing with GI failure and associated chronic issues, I'm never too far away from getting more "experience" on the other side to brush up on my empathy skills :P )
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    Ive had a few bad weeks in work and the only thing that has made me remeber that I love being a nurse is my patients. Now management and poltics I could do without.
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