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Have you ever taking care of a patient who is a nurse? How did they behave? Demanding? Understanding? Please share this with friends and post your comments below! Want more nursing cartoons?About A Nursing Student... Read More

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    Love when the nurses come into the pcp office!!CC: " it's otitis media, I know it", " I'm having a unilateral sinus infection", "it's definitely sciatica"," RUQ pain after meals, it's gall stones can doc order a sono to confirm" Hey cant knock em they know what they need!

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    Everytime one of my family members is in the hospital for whatever reason in or out patient, They always feel the need to state that I'm a nurse (like it will make a difference). When I visit, I am there on a personal status for my family not on a professional status. I only ask questions if something they did or said didn't make sense. I am not demanding and usually I end up doing the primary care for my family so I don't bother the staff (Yes I know that is their job) but I don't do anything that would ever cause harm to the patient. I let the staff do the toileting and any physical moving if neccesary. I usually do the bathing or feeding or general grooming. The little stuff that frees up the staff to do the more important things to help my family recover and I try to stay out of there way. I am a quiet patient when it's me in the hospital.
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    yes most of the nurses are demanding
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    I have had a few nurses as patients, and I will tell you it has been a 50/50 split. If there are 2 on my unit, one will be thankful for everything down to warm wipes. Now, the other is right in line with going thru state boards, and has the DON on speed dial. I am hoping I will remember what it is like to have 4 Pt with no CNA's and 2 of them have C-diff, so I will not expect to have my call bell answered within 2 minutes of calling for my Q2H turn.
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    Here is what I have in mind about nurses as demanding patients.

    As a nurse, I have also been hospitalized few times. I took it as my chance to have a good observation in how nursing care is being implemented. Even how the doctor treated me. I can see my self a bit demanding when it comes to having non standard procedures. I can understand if some of nurses feel awkward in doing so in my present as they knew all nursing standards and policies were coming mostly from my office (I'm sitting at the nursing committee).

    Additionally I can use the experience to review the standards and policies, what makes the nurses not fully compliance with it, what is the actual obstacles, and many more corrective action.

    So then I think having nurses as demanding patients isn't bad at all, right?

    Mas Catoer
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    When I went to the ER with heart palpitations, I wanted to know more about the medications I was given. They got wind I was a nursing student. She came in and said, "What do we do when we don't know a med?" "Look it up," I say. She hands me a drug guide, smiles, and walks away. I read about the med but I didn't know how to respond to the situation. I laugh about it know.
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    the patient is a nurse? they won't be needing me then, they know what to do.
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    When we were nursing students, my friend walked to her pt, introduced herself, and asked "what brings you here?"
    Pt said "why don't you read the chart."

    Yes, pt was a nurse.

    But she was nicer the next day.
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    Quote from ScrubRNwannabe
    When we were nursing students, my friend walked to her pt, introduced herself, and asked "what brings you here?"
    Pt said "why don't you read the chart."

    Yes, pt was a nurse.

    But she was nicer the next day.
    *** My standard reply to this is "why yes I did read the chart. I asked the question to find out if YOU know why you are here". Suprising how often patients don't really understand why they are in the hospital.
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    Nice one!!! I will use that.

    That day we just wished her to get better enough for d/c so we wont have her the next day.

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