A Morning in the Life of a Nurse and a Doctor - page 2

She comes home livid. She's glaring at the garage door as it cr-cr-creaks its way open, revealing an old, beat-up Subaru parked happily in the one-car space where she was gonna cram her relatively new SUV into. The sight... Read More

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    Nice article and glad to see so many fellow nurses who are married to docs as well. I have been married for 17 years, we met over an (almost) dead body when he was a month out of medical school. When he gets a call at home, he knows I can hear him from the next room and I usually have a comment if I think he was too harsh. I think we balance each other out nicely. Obviously he has heard my perspective about doctors, but the flip side, I see how annoying we can be as well. We have respect for both professions which has always helped us in the long run.

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    This was nice to read. Its nice to know that the stresses of a nurse is universal. Although I am not married to a doctor I do have rough nights because of doctors and then I go home and rant, sometimes cry, to my husband. It feels good to know that I am not the only one who feels this way sometimes. Thank you.
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    I work taking care of my boyfriend's post op patients. He's an orthopedic surgeon and we live together. Before we started dating he was hell on wheels. I've heard horror stories! Nurses used to run when he came on the floor. He had awful nicknames the whole nine yards! Now, he is one of the most loved! I've also heard through the grapevine management has said they are thankful I came along and calmed him down! hahaha!!! Doctors can benefit from a change of perspective!
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    Thankfully my husband is not a doctor, but I do have the similar one sided conversation. I work 11-7 and he works 9-5 right now but I can't unwind and curl right up in bed with him. There's a rant and then maybe I get in bed. But he always comforts and cuddles, so it's okay. The issue lies in when I actually wake him up 100% and he starts having things to say and finds potential "solutions" to my work problems, when all I want to do is vent.

    This is beautiful writing!

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