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How long is your commute to your workplace? Do you think the long commute is worth it? Do you even consider the time you spend sitting in a car, bus, or train when computing your salary? Click Like if you enjoyed... Read More

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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    I drive 3 hours each way to work. I work stretches of 12's and then go home, usually 4 on 6 off, 2 on 2 off and it repeats each two weeks (make the round trip twice each two weeks). I share an apartment in the city near the hospital with 2 other long comuter nurses who work at the same hospital. I am the shortest commute of the 3 of us. I know several other nurses who drive very long distances. In all the years I have been in nursing I have alwasy known some long distance comuters.
    Even counting the 12 hours a pay period I spend driving, gas, wear and tear on the (cheap used beater) car and paying rent on the apartment I still come out way ahead of working near my home with the very low wages offered there. It isn't ideal but it works for me. I get to work in a very high paying metro area for nurses and take advantage of very low cost of living in the rural area were I live. 12 hour shifts and an understanding nurse manager make it possible.

    Wow, Holy cow. I was gonna say. Been thinking about this for a job; but I have some responsibilities that have taken priority right now.

    So, b/c I am now looking at a situation similar to yours, I would really like to know the following:

    How is this working out for you? Do you find it tough to be away from your family for those shifts, or do you just come home, crash, and go back in again?

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    I have an 8 mile commute to work, about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic.
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    I live in NYC( which is great when i don't have to take a taxi from pure exhaustion). But, I have to take the A-uptown, transfer to the F at W. 4th, and transfer to the 4 on certain days...My commute is about an hour if I can beat the morning commuters when I am off. On days when I have to wait on the slowest F on 63rd, the commute can stretch out to 1 1/2 hrs after a 12 hour shift. Do I think it's worth it, yes! Would I like to work closer to home? I wouldn't dream of working in Brooklyn ,and I was born and raised in Brooklyn!
    Thank God for my handy dandy Ipod & metro card! My job offers reimbursement at the end of the year for the full commute prices or you can take a 50% cut to receive your reimbursement throughout the year.
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    5 minute drive on a bad day.
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    You guys are good.

    The farthest I ever drove to work was 30 minutes one way and I hated that. It's important to me to work close to my home and I like the feeling of working in my community. I wouldn't consider taking a job that took me so long to get there or back. I also wouldn't want to be that far from home in case of an emergency.
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    Wow, some of you folks are road warriors. I've always had at least a 30 minutes commute to school or work. And I find that taxing at times, especially in a midwestern winter. How do some of you folks manage more than a 1 hour commute one way, especially if you have a family? Some of you have my respect. Like "proud nurse", I prefer to be closer to my community that way I know the folks around me and am "closer to home" per say.
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    the commute to the school im applying is like 10 mins
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    I leave my house at 530 and get home at 8....that's if I don't stop anywhere. It's rough because when I work back to back shifts I literally have to go straight to bed to be able to drag my butt out of bed for the next shift!

    It's hard with kids. I'm so tired and irritable when I know I have about 30 minutes before I have to crash and they want to tell me every single thing they've thought about for the past 15 hours. We're all used to it though bc I've always either worked 2 jobs or worked and gone to school.

    I would be totally miserable without work and therefore so would they! So, we just make it work. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!
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    I just got a position at my local hospital 10 blocks from my house...sure beats the 60 mile round trip through downtown L.A. traffic that I was also looking at
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    The last long commute job I had I actually added some time to it (10-15 min) by avoiding the hell of freeway traffic and taking a winding canyon road with flowers to smell and pretty trees to look at. Put on some music and it wasn't too bad! I prefer the 15 minute near-empty freeway jaunt to my recent job but it's always a risk:benefit with the positives of the job for me.
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