Do a nurse a favor?

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    Do a favor and it will bite you when you least expect it.

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    Oh yeah, I've had coworkers like that...
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    My problem has always been the opposite, that I'll work 4th of July, Christmas and New Year's for someone and they won't even work a shift for me.
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    Hmmm I've had the problem where someone wanted me to pick up their day shift and I said, "Sure, but I really need someone to pick up this night shift for me." *crickets chirping* "Yeah but it's NIGHTS. I sleep at night." "Well, I sleep during the day." *crickets chirping* And they insist that I'm *selfish* for my request but they are perfectly right. And then they'd get mad when I'd say no because I was being unfair. Blah.
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    But they're doing you a huge favor by LETTING you work one of their dayshifts! We all know that nightshift nurses want to work days. It's generous that someone would let you work one of theirs!
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    Never mind that I'm doing them a favor since night nurses don't do anything all night lol.
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    this is when i do the following...thank you... i needed that~
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    Honey I said I'd return the favor not work all of next years paid holiday calendar for you.
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    True story. I have had coworkers like that.
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    Quote from amygarside
    true story. i have had coworkers like that.
    trust me we all have had these type of colleagues at one time or another during our career, that's why it makes me lol...when i use to be a staff nurse and they would demand this type absurd deal i would look at them straight in the eye and say "bless your heart i'm willing to help you out but i definitely won't be your slave therefore, i hope you didn't make any plans because you'll have to rearrange them to accommodate your responsibilities at work, see ya' don't wanna be ya" trust me they got the message and never again they would ask or would think of confronting me with such a ridiculous arrangement

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