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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports employment among Registered Nurses will grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2018. They also report that large metropolitan cities such as... Read More

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    I'm an lpn and i make over 35,000 a yr. I wouldn't start off at a lower salary than i make now. Rn's in hospitals make about 25 or more an hr so how is that only 30,000 a yr?
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    I'm a new grad RN and I work as an RPN and an RN in the community (depending on level of care required) so my wages are mixed. Also, community work has a reputation for lower pay than hospital work. The situation in my area is that hospitals are eliminating RN positions, and using RPNs and PSWs to do the work (that's another story). It looks as though my annual will be around 50k this year.