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If you have had the misfortune of being a patient in the hospital, what stands out about your experience? No matter the specific reason for your admission, I'm sure it was an experience you would... Read More

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    Ive had a few bad weeks in work and the only thing that has made me remeber that I love being a nurse is my patients. Now management and poltics I could do without.
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    I was recently in the hospital and I wanted a rootbeer to drink but none on floor and cafeteria had none. I had brought money but I couldn't leave the floor. It was evening and all my family had gone home after I asked for the rootbeer and the nurse told me they didn't have any I was like that is ok. Well I had initially told her I had money so when she came back in and told me there wasn't any she said you have money i will go down and get one for you out of the vending machine. I replied I know your busy with other patients don't worry about it she responded you are my patient and I make time for all my patients she took the money went and got it and came back. I was in tears when she came back in and she asked what was wrong I told her nothing but that what she had said and done meant so much to me she replied no problem. After she left I used my cellphone and called the operator and asked to speak with nursing supervisor of that floor and told her what this nurse had done for me and her name wanted to let them know. Hopefully they did something or said something to her about how great she was, bit I don't know I left before she came back for a shift. Talk about great bedside manner and making a patient feel special.
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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    Also, it's worth noting that the kind of nurse I'd want as a pt and the kind you'd want might be two very different kinds of nurses. The last thing I'd want is a stranger trying to "connect" with me. Even if I just got bad news, I'd want a brisk, but polite, nurse who did an assessment, gave me my meds and got out of the room. When nurses like me act aloof like this, we *are* being the nurse we'd want as a patient.
    Old thread but not closed....sooooo.....just wanted to say, I knew a nurse that I thought I would NOT want as my nurse early on, back in the beginning of my nursing career, when I was an LPN. She was always joking and talking with her patients, making them "feel better"!...but she never cared as much for the hygienic care or "fluffing". I was the "fluff nurse"...I liked my patients very clean and, I thought, comfortable. I understand her much better today. We were dealing with many people who were dying, and she was trying to make them smile. She gave them pain medication to feel better too. But she was not a fluff nurse, and her patients were fine with that. Now, I understand more why.