According to Google, I'm suffering from...

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    Let's have some fun with this cartoon. Finish the following line...

    According to Google, I'm suffering from...

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    I think it will take less time to hear from the one or two that are not suffering.
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    Multiple organ dysfunction
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    One night at work I had myself CONVINCED that I had MS. Turns out it was the new clogs I was wearing.
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    "Strassman's syndrome, the only known cure for which death"
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    Ah, Dr. Google. My old nemesis.
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    Hypocaffeinemia (low levels of caffeine in the system).

    Yes, I missed my routine two cups of coffee today and can feel the withdrawal symptoms kicking in.
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    CSF leak!
    (headache and a runny nose)
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    Cranio-rectal inversion.
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    Inverted Priaprism
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