A Nurse's Choice - page 2

​Life is full of choices both large and small and some have long reaching, unforeseeable impact. Sixteen years ago, a young woman named Nancy decided that nursing was a career with the ability to... Read More

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    I'm glad someone took the time to notice. Keep an eye on that neck nugget. Get well and keep on posting
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    Simply put, that was good medicine practice. Glad your recovering well. Great article.
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    Very well written article. Thank you for posting, and I hope you continue to feel well.
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    Okay, I'm hooked. What's the title of your book? Or if you haven't published yet, then when?

    And setting my selfish desire to read everything you've ever written aside, wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.

    (And I still want to know when the book comes out.)
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