A Morning in the Life of a Nurse and a Doctor - page 2

She comes home livid. She's glaring at the garage door as it cr-cr-creaks its way open, revealing an old, beat-up Subaru parked happily in the one-car space where she was gonna cram her... Read More

  1. by   pinkiepieRN
    Thankfully my husband is not a doctor, but I do have the similar one sided conversation. I work 11-7 and he works 9-5 right now but I can't unwind and curl right up in bed with him. There's a rant and then maybe I get in bed. But he always comforts and cuddles, so it's okay. The issue lies in when I actually wake him up 100% and he starts having things to say and finds potential "solutions" to my work problems, when all I want to do is vent.

    This is beautiful writing!