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  1. I'm not sure where this goes, but I figured it would be best here. I don't want to bog down the other pages about the HESI and things like that, but my long time girlfriend is about to finish nursing school and she rocks so I guess this will have to do. I was wondering if y'all have any suggestions for a nice gift that I could give her for graduation? My mother, also a nurse, gave her a nice stethoscope for her birthday when she started nursing school so that is taken care of. She is hoping to go to grad school so she can become a CPRN if that gives anymore background. Lastly, thanks for all of the work y'all do as nurses! Watching my mother for as long as I can remember, I know it is hard work, and none of it goes unappreciated.
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  3. by   IEDave
    I'd think just having stuck by her through NS would be a fine gift in and of itself!

    If you want something a bit more tangible...
    Engraved watch, pen, bandage scissors
    Super-comfy pair of non-skid shoes (trust me - she'll be thanking you at the end of EVERY shift for this one...)
    Embroidered lab coat

    Just what comes to mind off the top of m'head. Best of luck with the gift selection...

    ----- Dave
  4. by   BellionRN
    www. etsy.com has some beautiful nursing pendants, if she likes jewelry. A necklace or something, she'd probably be able to wear at work. Just a thought.
    (Just type "Registered Nurse Necklace" in the search bar).

    Also, the work shoes is a really good idea too, but might be something you should take her for instead of trying to buy them for her. Or a giftcard to a place that has great nursing footwear!
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  5. by   amygarside
    give her a pair of nice and comfy shoes that she can use at work
  6. by   RN&mom
    I was so happy to be done nursing school, I spent two weeks reading books I enjoy reading before starting to prepare for NCLEX... If she likes to read that might be a good idea, or get her a gift card for a massage. Trust me, after nursing school every muscle aches! You're a good friend for still being there. Nursing school is a long journey.
  7. by   systoly
    a cool nursing bag