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BellionRN has 7 years experience and specializes in Critical Care.

Experience in Critical Care nursing; ICU, Emergency & PACU.

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  1. Was I wrong?

    I think you did exactly right, and that the patient was incredibly fortunate to have you come in that day, even though you had to deal with your coworkers hissy fit.
  2. The right to an opinion

    I don't see advocating for your patient as being an opinion.
  3. Is it okay for RN to ask recovery patients not to swear?

    I haven't asked them NOT to, unless it's at me ... but I have on occasion reminded them that they're not the only one in the room & perhaps could they not scream ALL OF THE swear words as I'm doing everything I can do to manage their pain. I've b...
  4. Nonsupportive Friend

    Was he not capable of shutting your door himself? Or is that too hard, along with basic household chores... Anyway, people don't get it. Don't expect them to. & if doing all that extra stuff around the house bugs you, don't do it. He sounds like...
  5. Self defense and protection in a hospital.

    I don't really have much of an opinion as a Canadian but I'm finding this thread quite interesting! Do hospitals have to specify upon hire that you aren't allowed to carry a concealed weapon to work?
  6. Going into the ICU as new grad

    I went to ICU as a new grad. Like you, I had worked as a Student Nurse Employee in the same ICU in which I was hired. I did a mentorship program the summer between my third and fourth years of Nursing and picked up during my fourth year. When I grad...
  7. Would you do it all again?

    I would choose differently. Likely in healthcare but definitely not Nursing.
  8. ER dropping the ball?

    Tired & read a post incorrectly! Apologies.
  9. ER dropping the ball?

    & YOU can keep your ICU. *shudder*. Haha
  10. Please Help, I'm new & made a huge med error, I'm devastated.

    We've used them before, you can titrate for output & the steady infusion sometimes seems to work better for certain patients who don't respond that well to a push dose... Don't ask me why lol! I don't find it that common, though. To the OP... We'...
  11. ER dropping the ball?

    I have worked med-surg ICU, med-surg neuro ICU, and ER (level 2 trauma centre). I worked briefly on a general surgery floor. Emerge (sorry, I say emerge, some ppl hate that) is very intense. ICU has its intense moments, but once your patient is stab...
  12. ER dropping the ball?

    As a nurse, I can't order a head CT on a patient or admit them to the ICU. I also can't write my own orders for things I feel my patient might need in order to be stabilized. I can advocate, I can let my team leader know that they are too sick for t...
  13. question for ER nurses

    Often, if the cyst has ruptured and symptoms have resolved, there isn't much to see on an U/S. Maybe a bit of free fluid, but perhaps not depending on size. Just because your U/S was normal doesn't necessarily mean you didn't have a ruptured cyst. ...
  14. Preceptorship in PACU

    Typically I have two patients, or one if it is an ICU, a sick stepdown patient or otherwise someone who is requiring more of my time (pain management problems including q5min drug Adm, confused/aggressive, etc.). I would recommend reviewing post op m...
  15. Wondering if PACU is for me.

    Why did you leave the job you loved? If you don't love it, I don't see why "sticking it out" will benefit you in anyway way, unless you are using that area as a stepping stone to something else. Would you be able to go back to your other job?