2nd Nursing Cartoon caption contest - win $100 - page 6

back by popular demand! our first caption contest was a huge hit, we received hundreds of messages to run another contest, so here it is. good afternoon nurses, your misson, should you choose... Read More

  1. 4
    Some Doctors make you jump through hoops to get an order, but THIS ONE takes the cake!
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  2. 2
    I was only kidding about the duct tape. Please come back to your room.
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  3. 1
    "I don't like orange juice, can you get me some apple juice instead?"
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  4. 0
    "Contact precautions for C. diff -- you need gown and glove up and then come back."
  5. 1
    Thanks for covering my shift!
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  6. 1
    Don't tell me, let me guess - ANOTHER nursing student seeking help with homework?
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  7. 0
    "Thanks for all your hard work but the nursing shortage is filled"
  8. 0
    "Another sip of water please"
  9. 0
    "I know nursing school was an uphill battle buuuttt the shortage was filled in 2003. We just forgot to notify the media"
  10. 0
    "Nurse, my sheets are cold"

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