Trying to pick myself up during my suspension. Trying to pick myself up during my suspension. - pg.2 | allnurses

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Trying to pick myself up during my suspension. - page 2

Hello everyone, I have posted before about my issues so I won't go into more detail. I currently and recently have a suspended RN license for 2 years for diversion of narcotics. Since then, I have... Read More

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    @ Viva- very nicely put!
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    KaseyJo.. I understand most of what you are feeling. I have been there. I am in Florida and I had my licenses suspended by IPN. I contacted an Attorney to help deal with everything I was going through. After going in front of the BON I ended up with another suspension, for a total of 2.5 years. I was in a very dark place for a couple of months and I finally pulled myself out and started doing things to help get my mind off of everything. Before I knew it the time was up and I was able to go in front of the BON and was granted my licenses back.. You can PM me if you just need someone to talk to.. I am wishing you the best of luck..

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    I too, am considering a master's program, I have started teaching medical assistants, as I don't need my license for that, I love teachin so I am goinng to start a Masters in clinical lab science and hopefully teach anatomy, and pathophysiology undergraduate
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    I know this is an old post but I wanted to let you know that I have a similar story to yours. My nursing license is suspended right now for six months for losing my job while in my state's recovery program. I have been in recovery since June 15, 2007 due to un resolved issues I carried around for years and used pills to cope. I had my ASN when I first got into recovery and I graduated with my MSN Nurse Executive in October 2012, once I addressed my issues I was able to continue my education successful. I was suffering from depression and had zero coping skills when I got into recovery but I went in wanting to get myself together so I could continue to help others and it worked. I said all that to say that we have to get ourselves well to help others get well. I wish you all the luck and forgive yourself.