TPAPN Extended Evaluation Program- HELP!!! Drug screen during work hours?!?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am a acute dialysis nurse in Houston, TX that has been referred by TX BON to join TPAPNs step down program of Extended Evaluation Program for a positive pre-employment drug screen I took June 2011.

    Extended Evaluation Program requires 18 minimum random drug screens within a 12 month period. No AA or therapy meetings like TPAPN. No work restrictions and totally confidential if compliant.

    I have questions for anyone in this program or in TPAPN.

    I work as a acute dialysis nurse. My hours varies from 6am-10pm.

    - What happens if I selected for my random drug screen on a day that I work?

    I can always leave during lunch to go do my drug screen but I want to avoid that so my employer does not find out about my situation.

    - Are there any 24 hour collections anywhere in Houston?

    Thanks for any help!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   nowim clean
    most places are til 5 pm just go out for lunch tell them you have to go to the dr or just tell the truth.
  5. by   TXRN2
    some places offer after hours screens-but they cost more ($75) you have to wait on them.
  6. by   tpapnEEP-RN
    Are involved in TPAPN or EEP?

    What after hours places are you speaking of?

  7. by   TXRN2
    when i was in TPAPN, just finished last year- & drug screens were through FirstLab/LabCorp- one of the places i could use had an after hours on call person- i used it once, called them- had to wait for the on call person- & like i said is cost $75 more for the test. you can find this out by calling the places you can go & asking them if they do after hours testing. good luck!!
  8. by   cdf77414
    How did you get in the EEP program. I just went to rehab for alcohol problems on my own, nothing to do with work. I'm thinking i need to self report to tpapn? Any advise....
  9. by   tpapnEEP-RN
    DONT DO IT!!!

    do your best on rehab and AA meetings but DO NOT report yourself.

    there are too many cons too TPAPN from just reading about others experience even though it is possible to get through it

    i got into the EEP program because i was not practicing nursing at the moment of positive drug screen so i did not have to enter TPAPN.

    i am currently in good standings with EEP but just got a DWI last expectiing to being ordered to TPAPN when i renew my license in may and BON finds out about my DWI =/
  10. by   tpapnEEP-RN
    if your alcohol problem is enough to get in the way of your nursing work, your peers will see it and refer you..but if that hasnt happen yet, do your best rehabing your self through community AA and other programs
  11. by   TXRN2
    @cdf77414- i agree that if you sought out treatment on your own- & there was no work involvement, i see no reason for you to self report to TPAPN. it certainly does open a whole other can of worms- that will go on for at least 2 years. however, as was addressed on another thread- when it comes time for you license renewal, i don't know what you would do about that certain question about alcohol/drug use-treatment.
  12. by   bl lvn
    regarding the license renewal , if ur in eep or tpapn and in compliance you answer no to that question. when I was in tpapn that's what my case manager said to do.
  13. by   tpapnEEP-RN
    @ bl lvn

    im in good standings with EEP right now and plan to stay so till i finish 7/13'

    do you think BON will put me in TPAPN when i disclose to them my recent DWI when i renew my license in May?

    I do not have a substance abuse disorder.
    I was put in EEP because of marijuana that came up on a pre-employment UA when I graduated May 11'.
    I decided to drink for the first on 8/31/12 time since enrolling in EEP 7/13/12 because i though i was going to get away with a drink, which i did get away with relating to EEP program.
  14. by   cdf77414
    I think for sure they will want you to do tpapn for a dwi. What i was taught in treatment is that normal people without a drinking problem don't drink and drive.