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TPAPN Extended Evaluation Program- HELP!!! Drug screen during work hours?!? - page 2

Hi everyone, I am a acute dialysis nurse in Houston, TX that has been referred by TX BON to join TPAPNs step down program of Extended Evaluation Program for a positive pre-employment drug screen I... Read More

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    Well I reported myself to tapan after much thought process. Believe me, I didn't want to and was really conflicted about it, but I felt I could not lie when it came time to renew my liscense. Not because I'm so saintly but because I didn't want it to come back and bite me in the a__. I figured what the heck, might as well bite the bullet and get her done. Also it will help me maintain my sobriety as i really did have a alcohol/prescription problem. My nurse manager was really surprised i had a problem which made me feel a little better. I hope to have my return to work meeting this week, I am wondering how it will go when i share with my co-workers. I work in a icu and there is no way i can not give narcotics, waste drugs, not float or do charge nurse and them not know about tpapn. I've been there a while and work with a matrix pattern so i'm hoping everything will be alright.
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    best of luck!!! keep us posted- stay flexible, stay calm- this will all work out just as it should!
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    Are you still in EEP?
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    I am in TPAPN and if you are selected to test, by God you are expected to be there, and your employer has to understand that, or you will be considered non-compliant with the program. TPAPN sucks because I have been clean and sober for 27 months in the program and still can not get a job with the restrictions, and the requirements are completely insane. You do NOT want to go me. If my mother had not paid for everything associated with the program, I would have had to surrender my license for non-compliance. I test 3 times every month except like 3 of 27 did I only go twice at 60 dollars a piece, and if you can not afford it, you are non-compliant for that too. No employers can deal with the restrictions of TPAPN, so I have yet to get a job. Do NOT even drink a beer, because they have an 80 hour test for alcohol, and when they say zero tolerance, they mean zero tolerance. So, I suggest you stay clean and sober while you are on this program...The only reason you are not already in TPAPN is because you were not working when you took the test, I guess. In TPAPN, you are allowed 3 no call no shows during the entire program, after that you are reported to the Board for non-compliance. They report ON the 3rd one. I hope this helps.
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    Since I have been in TPAPN for 27 months and still do not have a job because of their insane requirements which include not giving narcotics for the first six months of employment while in the program, not being able to float or work overtime, not being able to work nights unless you already do, then they can make an exception. You could have gotten clean and sober without TPAPN's help, trust me. All you need to do is go to 90 AA/NA meetings in 90 days, which is required, get a sponsor, and work the steps. TPAPN makes life miserable, and I am in it for a trace of marijuana. I never did narcotics or anything from the hospital, and I did not drink on my work days ever. TPAPN has ruined my career, it's better to not get them involved. And you are allowed 2 DWI's before they put you in TPAPN.
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    I jumped through all the TPAPN hoops and still couldn't get a job.
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