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I am going to speak with my CM about this in the next week or two, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced this... I will be working days for a couple of months (0645-1915) and I am wondering... Read More

  1. by   Umberlee
    Are you limited to having to test through only one company? I'm in a rather small town and when I signed up I was given a list of local "pee places" and most had after-hours services. The place I've been going for years has M-F office hours but they also have someone on-call for testing after automobile accidents or other emergency situations and same goes for any sample for someone who just can't get in during office hours. It costs an extra $25 for an after-hours sample but it's obviously worth the peace of mind!
  2. by   Callahan, RN
    Well, I know that I can test at Any Lab Test Now in addition to Quest, but I talked to my rep at RecoveryTrek and she said that none of them do after hours testing. I think I will call the individual facilities and see what they have to say about testing after hours. Thanks for the idea!
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  3. by   klg1971
    I know this is several months old but in the DFW area we can go to CareNow places and test. They are open until 10 PM.
  4. by   sallyrnrrt
    i was able to get approval for collection at my hosp. and have them forward to testing cost me an extra collection fee of 10-15.00, but was so very worth it ....
  5. by   superlvn
    My CM told me it was my fault and to never miss another test because even the one I missed because I couldnt find after hours counted against me. She also told me not to bother her with testing issues and to call recovery trek. Im a little bitter about that still can you tell?
  6. by   mojo798
    I can understand you being bitter about that! I'm starting a job soon and I'm still not sure how the drug testing is going to play out.. My new boss has had TPAPN nurses before so hopefully she can help guide me.

    This has been a crappy start for me so far..

    Good luck everyone!
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