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    So, my case manager told me December is the magical month to be able to look for work. I am looking on the other side of the line for a job, so two prayers needed...

    1) That I am approved by my case manager and both BONs
    2) That I can find a job--my dream job would be to get employment at the health dept as public health nurse. If that cannot happen, I will take med-surg or mental health.


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    Payers being sent.
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    Prayers darn spell check
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    I have to move, no choice. The other state didn't approve and it's their policy not to grant any license, compact privilege, or special authorization to any nurse in a monitoring program. Don't understand it, but it is what it is. I feel like I can't catch a break.
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    I'm sorry...I was given a single state license also.
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    I'm sry 2 hear that wish me luck. What state do u live in & what state r u movin 2?
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    I am in VA, plan to stay in VA (I have lived here a long time), and wanted to work in TN. I informed my case manager with HPMP and she was so nice. She told me that she would work on it and see what she can find out or do.
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    I hope she do something 2 help u. I'm probably going 2 b in the same boat. I surrendered my license in NC but have since moved 2 WV. I wish u the best of luck & sending prayers ur way
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    Oops ment 2 put, hope she can do something...
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    Thanks. The issue is that most of our health care facilities are in TN. I just happen to live on the VA side. Do you live on the border/stateline in WV? That's my big issue.

    Truth be told, I used to wish I could move (I was slightly younger) and now, here's that very thing that somewhat forces me to and now, I don't want to. It takes money and also, I am a new nurse. So, if I moved, it's financially supporting myself, it's having to go through that first year in a new place without support, it's culture shock if I move to a larger area...yes, we get culture shock too, not just you all moving from big cities to smaller areas. I think if I had to move, I would need to have a roommate to help off-set costs. If I did have a roommate, I would want to a new nurse to go through that first year shock together, even better if they were new to the area, as well. The situation is just so overwhelming emotionally too...