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Reinstated!! - page 2

So I was given good news by the NCBON! I'm being given back my licensure with stips for the next few years. I am ready to get back to my career, but I also feel like I have a better grasp on who I... Read More

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    Congrats to you. I pray that doors will continue to open for you.
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    I would try behavioral health. They seem to forgive easier. Impatient, outpatient or residential.
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    Does anyone know about nurse consulting? There is a drug trial company here that hires nurses for pt questions, concerns, reactions and I was thinking about applying. Just wonder if anyone had any experience or insights, thanks!
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    Quote from Meriwhen
    Congratulations on both getting your license back and your continued recovery!

    Have you thought about psych? We do tend to be a bit recovery-friendly... and depending on what your stips are, there may a niche in psych that could accommodate them.
    Does that work for nurses with psychiatric conditions too?
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    Does that work for nurses with psychiatric conditions too?
    IMO, it'd be just like CD: it depends on how long you've been in recovery, the handle you have on your recovery, if you can keep your recovery separate from your patients', and if you think working in psych would jeopardize that recovery in any way.
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    I also am in NC. My doc was alcohol, I know the restrictions and the no narcs is what will be your obstacle, it took me 6 months in the program after I got reinstated to get a job, and basically took 2 years to get the restrictions lifted because everytime my supervisor changed I had a break in service, but finally got my 12 months in, Im now back at bedside and Im doing well. If things continue as they are going rt now I will be done with my contract in Jan 2015 yes im counting down. Good luck to you, try Dr office, chart analyst, direct admit nurse but they would not approve that for me because a family may hand you narcotics so yes it is hard to find a job but you will just focus on your aa/na meetings doing your aftercare and the job will come stay strong and clean if you use anything it will show then you will have charges on you forever. If you want to talk PM me.
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