Probation Violation but dont know what it is?? All drug screens have been clean.

  1. So I get a letter from the ABON stating there is an investigation into a probation violation that I have obviously done. I have not even been on probation over a month. I have done 6 drug screens all clean. I talked to my probation monitor lady on the 12th about what CEU's to complete for part of my probation which are to be done in 3 month from my consent order. Well I got the letter this Saturday and it had been written on the 16th. Wouldn't she have told me I had a violation when I had talked to her on the 12th. What in the world would I have a violation for. I call in every day. Done all my screens. all neg. paid my fines. now doing my ceu's so what is it???? Driving me insane and ******* me off. Are they just trying to make me have a nervous breakdown bc I am damn near close to it. Anyone have any suggestions what it could be or anyone gone thru a similar situation??? Any advice while I sit here and worry my brains out... thanks so much....
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  3. by   MichelleRN34
    Let's us know what happens. Good luck.
  4. by   BamaRN2004
    Thank you. I talked with her this morning. It was because my fine had not been paid yet. Which I did go and pay it last night. I just didn't have the money so I had to borrow it from my parents like usual. I guess these letters marked probation violation is to get your attention instead of calling saying you owe them money.
    I knew I hadn't done anything wrong regarding drug testing in which I would think that would be the major issue in the matter. I just want t get this over with and no more bull crap. That letter just made me so upset. I have done well and will continue to do well. I also like the fact my father had faith in me and said that he knew I had done nothing wrong. So That helps to know that he can see that I am working hard on my sobriety and that he has faith in me. Thank you for just taking the time to read the above. I just needed to vent for the moment I guess. I slept all day today bc I didn't sleep for two days worried that my sentence would lengthen which it didn't. Thanks again.
  5. by   10yearnurse
    Phew! That's manageable. Good luck.
  6. by   BamaRN2004
    Thanks weman81. And whew is right! And very manageable. I hate that I even got a letter like that makes you wanna vomit especially when you know you haven't done anything g wrong. I have been clean for 3 years now. Just starting the probation bc it took them forever to discipline me and I had a good lawyer too. Just need a job I have no stipulations. I can give meds, work nights etc. Just no home health hospice or management. Shouldn't have happened in the first place. But gotta do what ya gotta do. Oh well. The board sucks. Oh and I can't stand my probation lady she is so rude!!! Okay enough being a chatty Cathy. Have a good night. Hope you figure your lab situation out that you just posted about.
  7. by   10yearnurse
    It's a process. We all have to go through it. It's not easy and sometimes not fair but we will prevail. We are nurses. And good ones.
  8. by   10yearnurse
    Just remember, whether we were bulllied into or not. We can handle it.