Peth test showing .40 without any alcohol in 13 months

  1. I am a graduate nurse in recovery. When applying for my license I disclosed that I had a relapse in recovery 1 year prior to the application. I felt that with my new way of life through A.A. that I could not live with myself if I was not brutally honest. There was no record of my issues that would have been discovered and I thought doing the right thing was the only way. When I went to the psychiatric exam I figured "what is the worst that could happen?" I am in recovery, attend meetings, work steps and care a whole lot more about my sobriety than any IPN or MD ever will. The hair and urine samples came back clean but the PETH test shows at a .4 which to my understanding makes me a daily binge drinker. I have been told that this is on my permanent record and no matter what I have to live with it. I have maintained my position that I have not had a drink in 13 months and now I just look like a liar. I can think of a million things that I want to do or should say (I am an alcoholic ) I fear that the more I deny the results of the test the harder IPN will be on me with therapy requirements. I have requested another test for my own sanity. I am hoping that someone made a mistake and I just test clean. I am terrified that I will have to take these tests for the next five years and stand a chance of this happening again. I wonder, does God not want me to be a nurse? Does God want me to put my energy into exposing a test that could be ruining lives? I'd sure like to hear from other's who have any hope, strength and wisdom on the subject. I should get a contract from IPN in the next few weeks. I am studying for the NCLEX and cannot get the lump out of my throat.
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  3. by   morte
    all I found was measured in ng/ml..... what does his .4 mean?
  4. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I also go to AA but I'm not as much of a God guy as you appear to be. I doubt very much that god sabotaged you with a false positive. If you haven't drank then the PETH test is false. If you did then you need to get a lot closer to the God of your understanding and examine your rigorous honesty. In any event, I'd start with a re-test which should rule out the daily drinking thing. Don't give up on being a nurse in any event
  5. by   Rose3511
    Get an attorney who has experience with the board. Google the class action law suite in Michigan HPRP program. That law firm is also in Florida. The reason is the Peth test is being misused. It does not show daily binge, but USDTL tells people that it shows a binge event before the test. If you are negative on everything then it would be hard for them to give you a contract. USDTL is not big on standing behind their tests. However, the attorney needs to request the litigation package for the test and their validation for the PETH and the Resume for all the USDTL staff who were involved in the testing. It will show the testing that was completed. There is not alot of peer review literature on the Peth. An attorney is expensive, however it is a lot cheaper than what IPN and Affinity will charge you over the next five years. IPN gets kick backs from Affinity so it is to all their advantage to get folks in and keep them in. Just reading this blog there is plenty of evidence that IPN and Affinity is doing some shady stuff.
  6. by   FloridaNurse417
    Although I appreciate your advise you missed the point. I did not drink, the test is positive. Trust me, in this situation it would be a whole lot easier to deal with if I had.