Outed by my manager and wondering if I should transfer

  1. I've worked in the same hospital for almost 30 years, and for my current manager for a large part of that time. This is the same manager who helped me keep my job and supported me during my recovery in spite of my diverting drugs, and now I'm just over three years into a contract with IPN. As part of my employment contract, I submit to random drug screens through our employee health dept. The way it works is employee health calls him and he's supposed to escort me there. The last time this happened, he "outed" me to another manager (this person is a stranger to me), by telling her that he needed to bring me to employee health for drug testing (apparently he was going to be late for a meeting with this person). I was pretty upset over it, and the health nurse reported the incident to HR. I know he suffered repercussions, and even though I did nothing wrong, I feel like he's treating me differently. I've talked with him about it and he says he's fine with me. I'm trying to just let time heal it as I'm sure he feels hurt and betrayed. Within a week or two of this, I learned that he retracted his offer to re-train me to be an intervention nurse. This is in part a position he uses as a reward system. He's asked me when I can float again so I return to this job, and now suddenly and without warning he's taken my orientation to this position off the schedule. I confronted him about it and asked if it was in retaliation (without using that word, of course!), and he said to not read anything into it, but he didn't give me a reason. I asked him if I can just re reinstated to the position, as nothing has really changed about the job and I helped develop the position in the first place, and he said he'll think about it, but he hasn't given an answer. My clinical coordinator told me I'm one of the best clinicians on the unit and one of the best two people she's ever seen run a code....it seems like this would be a person who you'd want to be using as an intervention nurse. In spite of his support, things had changed between us even before this incident, and even though I'm a good and involved employee, I feel sort of disenfranchised. As an aside, a "junior" managers on the floor, who was once a good friend of mine (I used to even see her at 12-step meetings and talk for long periods of time afterward), abrubtly decided to unfriend me over a year ago, and things are very uncomfortable around her. I give all this background because I'm uncomfortable, frustrated, and feel held back professionally.
    I'm thinking I'd like to transfer to another unit, but am afraid to while I still have two more years in IPN. The only advantage is that I have IPN support, but that's huge. I'd love some input from others.
    Thanks for reading this and for any advice,
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  3. by   Joaquin49
    He should have been fired for outing you.
  4. by   tigerrn
    Quote from Joaquin49
    He should have been fired for outing you.
    Your head is on the block.He is taking this time tp blot a case. Be looking elsewhere
  5. by   sissiesmama
    Quote from tigerrn
    Your head is on the block.He is taking this time tp blot a case. Be looking elsewhere
    That's what I'm thinking too - I think I'd be looking for something else. Hopefully not, but best to be prepared just in case.

    Anne, RNC
  6. by   exp626
    Just an update: I'm happy to report that I decided to continue to work for this manager until I graduate from IPN. This happens soon, at which point I will be much more marketable. I work mainly on his days off and we manage to avoid each other on the one day a week we work together (mostly I schedule myself to work on his days off). I'm careful to follow every policy to the letter and do my very best every day (isn't this what we're supposed to do anyway?). I'm looking forward to closing of this chapter of my life. This hasn't been easy, but living in recovery has made it possible. Thanks for the comments...
  7. by   RNOTODAY
    Yup, I believe it is A HIPAA violation, not positive,
    But at the least in was extremely disrespectful, would have reported him...
  8. by   jdub6
    I know the OP is pretty old. Just thinking out loud though if this comes up again for someone else...are you certain that his comment to the other manager really did "out" you? For one thing, the person who heard it was in management too...do you know for a fact which managers/admin are aware of your situation, ie is it possible that this mgr already knew?

    Also did his comment really indicate that you are under monitoring? Especially if this other mgr doesn't know you? In my current job, going for a drug test could indicate you are in a monitoring program. It could also mean one or more of the following: you are suspected or have been accused of being intoxicated at that time, you have applied for a new position, your job description includes operating motor vehicles and random drug testing for DOT, you have been injured on the job (filing an injury report requires a drug test immediatly), you are returning to work after LOA due to illness or injury, a narcotic discrepancy has occurred during your shift and you were one of the nurses who had access to that drug and all are being tested...and that's just the ones i can think of off the top of my head. in my workplace a comment like that wouldn't mean much to the other manager.

    Also, I guess I'm in the minority but i have to say i see red flags in your post with the way you describe your relationships with you coworkers and in particular your superiors. "Unfriending" (presumably on facebook?) really shouldn't ever cause an issue with workplace relationships, ESPECIALLY with your superior, because you really shouldn't be Facebook friends in the first place.

    The way you describe your interactions and relationships with the manager who is the subject of this post also suggests to me that your boundaries are blurred and perhaps your behavior and interpersonal relations are unprofessional. This sets you up for a situation like this where someone gets "hurt and betrayed" and uses the job to retaliate. Your manager really shouldn't be personally invested in your relationship in a way that leaves him "hurt and betrayed" by your actions on the job.

    Finally, i personally feel that although it is kind and respectful to maintain utmost confidentiality with any HR issue, I would not have jumped right to reporting him especially in a way that causes "repercussions'. I would have addressed it with him first and given him a chance to explain.

    Finally i want to point out that although sharing this information MIGHT be a violation of HR confidentiality policy or law (or it might not be as it was shared with another manager who may be allowed access to this info) it is not a HIPAA violation. HIPAA applies only when there is a patient- provider relationship. (Also most monitoring contracts require a waiver of many of your confidentiality rights ) This is solely a workplace HR issue.
  9. by   1sttime
    Just remember HR is not there to protect you- they are there to protect the business. I find with Nurses we are much less likely to file lawsuits, so HR will usually be ok with whatever harm comes our way.