Nurses who smoke Marijuana? - page 11

by NenaRK

Hello all, I am currently taking my prerequisites for Nursing. I know two nurses, one is a friend of my mothers and she is a Nurse Practitioner and my boyfriend's mother is a charge nurse in the ICU. Both of them smoke... Read More

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    @BusyBee91: regardless of how any state penalizes one for smoking pot- the state BON will continue to see it as a huge "no-no" for licensed health professionals.
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    Quote from Anona-mouse
    "....If you smoke pot, you could potentially lose your freedom to practice nursing. Do I think this is right? No. It's ridiculous. Marijauna users are no more likely to have a drug problem than occassional alcohol drinkers....."

    Despite the numerous posters on this board who admit that their drug problem STARTED with marijuana??? Wake up.
    Alcohol is the gateway drug, not marijuana.
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    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    Alcohol is the gateway drug, not marijuana.
    Or tobacco -- the ultimate "gateway drug."
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    That's 10 years from now (maybe). The fact is, right here, right now, nurses can and DO LOSE (not loose!!!) their hard-earned licenses for deciding to partake in illegal activities such as indulging in pot.

    Quote from nisteber
    Times are changing, in ten years you aren't going to get your license taken away. It's just not going to happen. Maine is about to legalize it next. It's really too bad you lost your license for that long. It's actually awful. I hear some nurses going home after a long shift and drinking a lot of wine by themselves and falling asleep. Holy crap sounds like alcohol abuse to me. Marijuana is no where near as harmful, it's only a matter of time until its moved off of the schedule one drug list and legalized for adults. The girl with fat thumbs is living in the past and is very misinformed.