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Hello everyone, my name is Amanda and I'm a RN who recently self reported to IPN for ETOH addiction. I've never had any action taken on my license, and thankfully I self reported in hopes of preventing any outside referrals to... Read More

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    you can do this- & this forum offers a lot of support. stay sober- take things one step at a time- just do the next right thing in front of you. & keep us posted!!
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    I'm so glad that you sought help before bad things started happening in your life and nursing practice! I sought help through my state's nurses assistance program for my drinking as I was just miserable and knew things would eventually get much worse. I don't regret it one bit. The program is tough but you can definitely do it...just keep working on your sobriety! Prayers for you as you go forward!
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    26 yrs sobriety here....
    completed extensive program in 2010 after reinstatement
    was not a lot of fun, was a lot of work, was so very much worth it.
    since completion, have worked ER, and successful DON in LTC.

    i am a better nurse today !

    WELCOME, we are here to support you and each other!

    was so very right you have a treatable disease. Best of luck, and I will help anytime
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    Entering my IPN facilitated detox program in the morning... WISH ME LUCK! I need all the help I can get!
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    Wishing you the best!!
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    Hi! So sorry I am late checking in - saw your posting that u will be going in today - u will be in my thoughts and prayers today and in the days and weeks ahead. You have made that first HUGE step that SO many of us are terrified to make. You CAN do this, and you have friends here at AN rooting for you. August 16th, 1999 was a long time ago to some but I can still feel all the emotions going through me. Every day I get up and am thankful to have another day of sobriety!

    Good luck! Anne,RNC
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    Hi everyone My name is Lisa and I am an addict. I am currently in the process of signing a IPN contract and curious if anyone knows employers that are IPN friendly here in Florida. Thank you for all your help..

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