NC LPN lost what???

  1. 0 I am going to make this as short and sweet as possible...I was an LPN, diverted demerolfrom my job in 2009 (still cant beleive I did this) I gave up my license called the NCBON, went through all their hoops got my restricted license back. I had never used before but had migraines and started taking vicodin in early 2009. After numerous attempts of finding a job after I reagained y restricted license at no luck, I had a migraine and relapsed. I had given up everything to get my license back but my addiction took control. After being broke and working as a waitress I gave up the dream of ever getting my license back. My question is....what do I do now?? All I know is healthcare...I started as a CNA then phlebotomist. I gave up everything to get through school as an LPN. My dream was to be an RN. It has been 1 year since I relapsed and lost my restricted license. Now what do I do? I am 34 years old, no children. Can I legally go back to school and do something like radiography or dental hygiene? I am so lost. All I want is to be succesfull. I do not want a job to have access to any drug. I do not use now. Nor did I while in the program (until I replapsed). I have no money, and have no clue what to do with my life. I am so blessed to have a husband who has forgiven me time after time and still loves me. I want to be successful and look back at this time as a nightmare and my worst low. I feel like such a failure. Any ideas of what I can do?? Thank you.
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    My heart goes out to you. Can you reapply to get your restricted license back? I am not in NC but in my state you can do that. I would start there first. As far as going back to school, I would just make sure that you would be eligible to sit for the state exam. Best of luck. Keep us posted.
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    Lovess, Their are many nurses who understand the past you have experienced. I agree with [COLOR=#003366]carrimarie1010, once you have a regulatory license issue there are many other regulatory licenses you may not be able to obtain until you have the NCBON issue cleared. Can you explain more about your relapse, if do not mind was it through a prescribed medication by a MD? ETOH? street drug? or other? Having a license issue, especially in the nasty NCBON world is one of the WORST states almost worse than Texas. It is a shame in NC there is NO and I mean NO advocacy for the nurses who reside in that state. Get to know your NC Nurse Pratrice Act: Here is one of the General Statues
    Duties, powers and meetings:
    (b) Duties, powers. The Board is empowered to:

    (7) Cause the prosecution of all persons violating this Article.
    (18) Establish programs for aiding in the recovery and rehabilitation of nurses who experience chemical addiction or abuse or mental or physical disabilities and
    programs for monitoring such nurses for safe practice.
    a. Establish programs for aiding in the remediation of nurses who experience
    practice deficiencies.

    Do you feel the NCBON has held up to this rule?
    Do you feel their is a recovery program with the NCBON ?
    How has their recovery program aided you in your recovery?
    DO you feel they are punitive?

    Hold your head high, you are a compasionate, caring, knowledgable women. Do not be ashamed, many people have issues. There issues are not posted all over the internet like the nurses. Set a goal, not matter what it is and work for that goal, you can do it. Reach out and help someone else with no expectations. Give somebody an umbrella when it is raining, smile at someone and say Hello. Small acts of human kindness is what this world is missing and it feels good. When you go to work even as a food server, go beyond the the basics. Build your self confedience slowly and you will nurse again.

    I wish you well now and in the future.

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    I'm in NC and this program is tough, but I am much tougher than I thought I first was! I'm pretty sure you can get into the CDDP, but that will leave a mark on your licensure. Pretty sure once you mess up in the AP, you're out without a second look. Yes they are very difficult, and will block you from many other schools d/t putting you on the OIG list. They can take you off of this, but I think it'll take some work on your part. My advice is to clean up your first mess as best you can before moving forward into anything else, it makes you accountable to your past and holds promise for your future. Best of luck with things, if you ever need to talk you have a great support network here!
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    I wouldn't think Vicodin would even be a good match for migraines? I always thought narcotics didn't act in a way that could affect the dilation of those blood vessels? Was your license suspended or revoked? Even if revoked, most states have time periods that have to pass, then you can re apply, after certain offenses, but even so, your license will be tainted in some manner. Dental hygiene schools, BTW, have the most stringent admission requirements I've seen aside from nursing schools.
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    respiratory therapy is another option, in my state, the fact i had been reinstated, even though not completed the pre req., before restricted lis...... helped, i was able to take state practioner lis. exams, and national certifications.... but all of this would have been mute, without mature, stable recovery

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