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In HPSP -non disciplinary- encumbered license?

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    I have made it through rehab and the board of nursing hearing- I got to keep my license without discipline but am in the monitoring program. I have some restrictions (no narcotics for 6 months, no floating, have to be supervised, etc...), is my license considered encumbered? I am wondering because many job descriptions state "current unencumbered nursing license".

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    You have had no disciplinary actions taken against your license so no, your license is no encumbered. It would only be encumbered if it were suspended or there were actual disciplinary action taken against it.
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    If you have restrictions it's considered encumbered
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    I was told by my case worker today (finally) that my license is not considered encumbered as I have no discipline on my license- the restrictions are considered part of my medical treatment for my disability. I agree though that the restrictions are encumberances to a potential employer, so I will be reasonable in what I apply for and hope for reasonable accomodation

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