I made it

  1. Hey just want to give everyone hope that these programs can be finished. I have a story just like many of you that started over 5 years ago. I also had a hard time finding work and was just about to throw in the towel after being turned down 11 times. Two week prior to me having to quit I was given a position at my current job. Daily I have a reminder of where I could of been as I work in a county jail. Please all of you who are staring this journy or feel lost, don't give up. I cleaned hotel rooms until I could work again. Someone out there will give you a chance.
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  3. by   Shannon09
    Congratulations! I am just starting my journey and am a little scared so thanks for giving me hope!
  4. by   ericninetwo
    You did the entirety of the program (5 years) or did you apply for early termination and got off early?

    Congrats I can't wait till I'm done with this.
  5. by   hppygr8ful
    Congrats on completing your program

  6. by   Treehugger444
    Congrats on this no less than HUGE achievement! I too had to clean hotel rooms and was verbally treated very badly by the manager there due to this label I have. I also took the postal exam, passed that, and worked for them for a moment. Good luck to you!
  7. by   drkshadez

    For everyone else who is reading this I want to tell you what I did.
    My senior year: On January 2nd, before the semester started, I was looking up every hospital in my area and going to every "open new grad interviews" opportunities. The ONLY position I swore I would not apply for was nursing homes - not because of the patients, but because of how staff treats one another and how management treats its staff (and i have seen it in many different nursing homes). I put in applications for the 4 major hospitals where I live and also 10 applications in for other positions (such as skilled nursing or LTACs). That is how I landed my first job where I am now (med-surg). The only caveat as a new grad going to a med-surg floor before graduation is you are only guaranteed the position if you pass the NCLEX the first time - which I did (not in 75 questions though).

    Sometimes your career office at your school will have "open new grad interviews" opportunities.
  8. by   carito04
    Hello All, I applied for the Nursing program at SPC, I am super nervous they will let me know on July 01
    has anyone else applied?
  9. by   1nurse4you
    I am starting a peer program soon and I hope and pray I find someone that will hire me. I'm glad you made it great job