i believe it's time to call it quits......

  1. obviously no one is going to hire a nurse in IPN with a 5 year contract and with a criminal background. it's just not going to happen. I've only been in IPN for 6 months, but the financial toil and the degradation of being a failure with a criminal background is too much to bear. I am wasting my time, what little money I make working minimum wage and the small amount of dignity I have left. this November will be 5 years since I worked as a nurse, so I'm sure I'll be told I need to do refresher course which costs money and needless to say, what hospital is going to let me do clinicals with a criminal past. it seems every where I turn another door is slammed in my face. i'm 54 yo and may as well say bye to my nursing career. I had a good run and was a great nurse. I never diverted/ stole from my patients or employers. My problem was self medicating for depression and receiving dui's. hell, no one is going to hire me......

    i have no idea what i'm going to do. hopefully Mcdonald's may hire me. i hate my life.
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  3. by   catmom1
    Hi virgojd-

    I feel your pain. Before the economy took a dump, I managed to work enough on my probation to get my license unrestricted and I can't find a nursing job either. I am 53 so maybe age has something to do with it in my case too.

    I wish I had more encouragement to offer you. Hopefully knowing you are not alone will be of some comfort to you.

  4. by   thenursemandy
    Right now its more difficult for any nurse to get a job let alone one with the baggage you carry. I'm so sorry you're suffering. I hope that you don't spiral back into depression again. You may not be getting a nursing job any time soon, but you still have value. Even working minimum wage, you can contribute to a company and make a difference. Think about what interests you....maybe animals? You could try to get a job at Petsmart as as a dog brusher/bather. Like working alone? Try working as a housekeeper at a large apartment building. Are you a night owl? Try Wal Mart as a stocker.
    Good luck.
  5. by   nowim clean
    Sorry but you need to quit complaining. None of us had an easy time finding a job criminal charges or not. My sponsor had a 5 year contract plus drug related felonies on his record, but with time he found a job. You also will find a job but not in your time. Focus on recovery and when you are suppose to work that door will open. As my sponsor tells me it is not all about me or ever on my timing. Focus on working the steps, staying clean and being fit mentally, physically, and spiritually when the time is right. Your negative thoughts will only bring you down and not help improve your chances of finding employment. It is what it is and you can not change that.
  6. by   Life lessons
    I can understand how you're feeling. Don't give up! There are directors that are understanding and willing to give you a chance.
  7. by   Junebug59
    you're right Nowim clean. I just get so low sometimes. thanks for letting me know your sponsor's story. it's examples like that that give me hope!!! just been a bad day....
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  8. by   Junebug59
    thank you Life Lessons for the encouragement. just been one of those days...
  9. by   Junebug59
    thanks Catmom. been a rough day. appreciate the thoughts!!
  10. by   catmom1

    I hope you don't think that you aren't permitted to vent here. People who haven't been in our shoes cannot understand how tough it can be. If you can't share here among other recovering nurses, where can you share?

    Good luck to you sweetie.

  11. by   Junebug59
    amen, catmom! this is really the only place I can go to get encouragement and empathy! lol! I appreciate your kind words. I was really down today, but feeling a little better as the day goes on. thanks so much for your kind words!!
  12. by   Life lessons
    Have y'all called directors directly? They maybe able to get you to go through hr. instead of HR deciding who will and will not be interviewing for positions. Good luck friends
  13. by   Junebug59
    sounds like a good idea. I wonder if it would be ok to mail them a copy of my resume too......
  14. by   LisaB19
    Virgojd, I have decided to leave nursing. Moving from CA to FL, to CA again has caused license suspensions in both places. What I would have to go through to get my license back here in CA would be a big financial hit. Add to that being away from the bedside for almost 7 years, all my experience in L&D (where I wouldn't be hired with a narc restriction) and the nursing glut here (50% of new grads can't find jobs), it became clear to me that my nursing years had ended. I have decided to go back to school and go into addictions counseling. I am 54 now, but with a husband 11 years older than me, I have to face facts that I made need to support myself at some point. Out here I can't even get a job at McDonalds! For every receptionist job, etc, there are 400 applicants I've been told. I even paid to have my resume 'dumbed down". Still didn't do any good. As soon as they see I was a nurse, they don't think I would be happy doing anything else, and don't understand why I would want to change. Only so much you can put in a cover letter and going into much just doesn't get read.
    I wish you the best of luck and know that sometimes leaving nursing isn't such a bad thing.