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Thank you whoever thought up this thread. I started when I was 17 in rebellion. Spent several years justifying their abuse. Before then I used to be in shape, used to race bicycles as a teenager. Now I have three daughters... Read More

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    Quote from elizabells
    I've never made it more than a few hours cold turkey. I tried Wellbutrin - hey, turns out if you're bipolar, you probably shouldn't take it. Sent me into the worst manic episode I've ever had. I've been hearing that Chantix works well but can potentiate suicidality - also not a good plan for me. Patches have worked for a while, but something ALWAYS comes up and I fail. I get a rash. I get palpitations. I get... whatever, and I rip off that patch, wait as long as I can stand it so I don't have an MI, and suck one down.
    May I suggest tapering? It helped me. An extra benefit is that research correlates success in quitting with the degree of delay between wakening and having the first cigarette. So if you can arrange a tapering plan to include adding 5-15 minutes a day to the time you delay that first morning smoke, it might help as well.

    It's unlikely to be a painless, effortless process. Prepare yourself for discomfort now, while you are in the planning stage. Prepare a schedule for your cigarettes today and a daily goal for the total number smoked.

    You may not be ready to quit today, but you can begin dissociating yourself from the concept of smoking as a freewheeling and relaxed habit. Turn it into a firmly scheduled regime, like a med routine, and gradually begin widening the clean time between smokes. When you pass under ten cigarettes a day, you may begin to wonder why you bother....



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    Congrats, just do it one moment at a time, drink alot of water and drink orange juice Youll make it and by the way you have alot of nurses pullin for ya Ah that fresh air going into my lungs isnt it great!
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    Congrats on quitting smoking!

    I quit smoking cold turkey over 5 years ago (I smoked 2 packs a day for 9 years) and I haven't had a puff since.

    My biggest piece of advice: Whatever you do, DO NOT pick up another cigarette. The day will come (like today, for example) when you will be dreaming about it and wanting it... just don't do it.

    Even after over 5 years off smoking, I still crave one sometimes. It used to be all the time... now days pass and I don't think about it... but whenever I do think about it, I just REFUSE to take action on it.

    Good luck! You can do it!
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    Congratualtions on taking the first step: Admitting you have a problem.

    I quit 11 years ago. I still get tempted sometimes and I think I have had maybe four cigarettes over those 11 years, but otherwise, I've done well. If you need any help, let me know.
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    Keep up the good work. I am a 20 year smoker and I recently started the stop smoking process. My father was in the hospital twice after Christmas w/ COPD and lung disease. He is 78 and has smoked since he was ten. Watching him struggle to breathe was an eye opener for me. Now that I have quit everything smells better. I also notice what others who smoke smell like and remember that I use to stink like that. I just quit Feb 1 and have had a few since, but I keep reminding my self of what my father looked liked in the hospital. Also did the math, i have smoked away almost $25000.00 in 20 years. Lot of water , fruit, and the patch. Get gum, lollipops and toothpicks. Know what your triggers are and work with them. Best wishes and good luck. You Can Do It!!!innerconf
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    Hi, thanks for this thread It will be 3 years that I have been smoke-free on May 5! I too was hooked....at least a pack a day.....but got an awful case of bronchitis. As I sat up hacking up my lungs up I thought, "Is this what it is going to be like when I have emphysema at age 50??".... dunno, but a light went on and I was done. Not like I wanted to smoke being that sick, so that "downtime" helped. I just know I can NEVER pick one up again. Hang in there, it will get easier. I never crave them anymore.

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    Still not smoking just over 4 months since i went cold turkey, developed a bad chest infection post giving up but now definatly feel the benefit and passed 2 medicals for my immigration no problem. Also have cut down on my asthma meds dramaticly over the last few months.
    Feel 100% fitter already.
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    Quote from bettyboop
    developed a bad chest infection post giving up but now definatly feel the benefit
    OMG I got such a horrible cough and resp infection after I quit too! All those poor little tarred down cilia in our lungs trying to break free!!

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