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  1. I am being ordered by the Texas Board of Nursing to undergo a chemical dependency evaluation after submitting a declaratory order packet. I called (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME: PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF INDIVIDUALS ON THE BOARDS PER TERMS OF SERVICE) and his secretary assured me that he was not biased and rarely went against the patient to receive their license. I'm still extremely nervous because this evaluation will determine if I can even get into clinicals and I have been working my butt off. My offense was 6 years ago. I haven't used since, but I'm scared they will be looking for any fault they can find. I have saved the 1500 for the evaluation and I can't afford an attorney because I'm a single mom and student. Can anyone please give me a clue to what my chances may be!!!
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  3. by   Callahan, RN
    $1500 for an evaluation?!?? Mine was $100 in the DFW area. Did you do it yet??
  4. by   Callahan, RN
    Sorry, posted twice!
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  5. by   olchrustyone
    Omg where was it 100? I haven't done it yet and I really could save the money. I'm so poor.
  6. by   Callahan, RN
    Dallas. The chem dependency evaluator I went to was/is on the TXBON preferred list. Who the heck was going to charge you $1500? Someone in Dallas?
  7. by   olchrustyone
    Nope I called one in Houston and one in Waco and they were both 1500. Well one was 1450. Did you have insurance??
  8. by   Callahan, RN
    No, I didn't use insurance (didn't have insurance at the time). I went to my evaluator in Dallas, paid $100 cash and that was the end of it. I don't have my list anymore, but I called all of the TXBON approved evaluators in the DFW area and I know I talked to at least two who only charge $100. I called one who charges $800, but that was b/c he does a full psych plus chemical dependency evaluation. He is also either a MD or a PhD, and they charge more. My evaluator is an RN, LPC.
  9. by   olchrustyone
    I'm going to call around and see what I can find out. I found the one that charges 800 but he was in Richardson, TX. Thanks for the input. How was your outcome? What was evaluation like?
  10. by   Callahan, RN
    Yes, Richardson! He was the most expensive one I called. My evaluation was really laid back and didn't take more than an hour. It was a truly unbiased evaluation. I was so afraid to have this done b/c I was sure that anyone I chose off the BON preferred list would "find" something wrong with me so they could order me into TPAPN. I was found to not have a substance abuse problem, so it turned out great!
  11. by   olchrustyone
    Awesome. I've been super nervous about mine. Every where I call they say it is an all day thing. I'm ready to get it over with. Thanks again.
  12. by   loriangel14
    ((((((((((hugs))))))))))) Good luck.
  13. by   Callahan, RN
    Good luck! Let us know how it goes!
  14. by   olchrustyone
    Ok just an update... I took my evaluation which I ended up having to pay 750 to the Dr. I received my letter from him about a week ago saying that he found no cause for me to have any stipulations on my license and he believed I could be a nurse without any impairments. How long will it take the nursing board now? I got accepted into clinicals and I have to have all my requirements met by May 31.