Have you completed PNAP?

  1. I'm coming up on my contract end date of June 2nd...can anyone tell me what happens? Do I have to go before the board? Do I just get a letter telling me I have completed it?
    Just need an idea of what to expect. Thanks all!!!
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  3. by   crazin01
    Congrats on almost being done!!!

    I know some nurses in my healthcare providers group have successfully completed. If I understood correctly, the contract start date is NOT the date you signed & mailed contract in. Rather, you're start and completion dates are dependent on the BON completing their portion of contract.

    You can always call your case manager to ask for specifics. If you have an impeccable record in regards to the program (no missed call in, no positive screens, etc), your case manager would hopefully really try to push through for you. The case managers 'petition' the board on your behalf (to approve removing work stipulations and the like), so I imagine that they also petition for your completion.

    Also, I'm not sure sure if being in the DMU (Disciplinary Monitoring Unit) would have different requirements than those for the VRP (Voluntary Recovery Program). Other than the VRP keeping your nursing license from disciplinary action, I am unsure of the differences between these two categories.

    Congratulations again!!! I'm sure you feel like a huge weight being lifted...
  4. by   Meq815
    Just curious...are you done?? What happens at the end?? I have 19 months left and trying not to be too anxious....