Has TPAPN ever requested hair? or blood? and other random questions

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    I have a few random questions about TPAPN that I hope ya'll can help with. Yes I know I should call my advocate or case manager. However, typically my advocate doesn't know the answer to my questions. And it typically takes 1-3 days to hear back from CM. Plus, I try not to call her unless absolutely necessary.

    I check in everyday and understand that I can be tested on any given day. However, all of the quest diagnostic labs within driving range (and there are many) none are open on Sat/Sun. Has anyone ever been called to test on a Sat and had this issue?

    I understand that I may be asked to give blood, urine, hair, or saliva. I have been tested 6 times thus far and they have all been urine. I was wondering if any one has ever been asked to give hair, blood, or swab....and if there was a difference in cost??

    I am not in any way trying to be deceptive, I am really just curious. I know I have to disclose my tpapn participation to my employer. I also now that I sign a consent for my employer and tpapn to communicate. However, does TPAPN ever disclose details to a potential or current employer. For example, what drugs I reported I was abusing? And/or could my employer request my tpapn file?

    Thank you for reading.

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    I'm in NC. We call mon-fri ...I've only ever had to give urine
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    I too deal with the NCBON. I've been doing random UA's for the past yr & have only give urine. I can't believe you have to call in on sat/sun. I know none of this answers your question. Wish I could be more help.
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    Lisa- i have been through & completed TPAPN. yes, for some reason, we have to call on the weekends but never get sent to test- because the labs are closed. to me, however, it was better to be in the habit of calling every day. i only ever gave urine- any other test would cost more- i don't know if they would ever request any other sample. i know my employer did talk with my case manager, but i have no idea what their conversation entailed. best of luck!! i had no problems with TPAPN other than a couple of dilute urines r/t being a coffee drinker. as long as you are clean & sober, don't take any OTC meds, & do your paperwork on time once you start work, it will be smooth sailing!!

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