Found a job!!!!

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    I was sucessful in landing a job at a behavorial health inpatient facility. Will be working with kids and adolescents. Not a path I would have chosen, but God has brought me there. I am so thankful for being introduced as RN again! I start orientation Monday!! Things DO get better!!!
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    Congratulations!! That's great!
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    Yay!!! I was just thinking about you last night!! Great news! So happy for you!!
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    Thanks! It really helps me to know there are others out there in the same boat! So glad I found this forum. I wish there were more resources in my area for nurses with addictions. It seems like when thinks fell apart for me, my former employer just said "we wish u the best " and sent me on my way and of course the BON doesn't offer any assistance.
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    @ Blessed- congrats on finding a job!!! that's a big hurdle to cross- i hope the job works out well for you! keep us posted!!
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    thanks for posting you big accomplishment!!! gives me hope.... i'm just beginning my journey and will be trying to find a nursing job soon! keep us updated on your progress! any advice on how to approach a potential employer when your an impaired nurse in treatment?
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    Great news! Congratulations!!

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