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dilute drug test......wth?

  1. 0 I did my second drug screen for IPN Thursday. just got in to the program. I go to the lab and felt like I had to go. I peed and it wasn't enough in the cup, so the lab tech poured it out and told me to go drink water. so I drank about 16 ounces and finally had to pee. now, I look on the affinity website and noticed it came back as dilute!!!!! I wasn't trying to hide anything and the lab tech can vouch for me. my question is: what will IPN do? do you just retest or what? I hate this. I don't want to look guilty when I'm not!! have any of you had this happen?
    thanks for insight....
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    i know exactly how you feel- when in the program, i had a couple of dilute results: the first was very early in the program & they didn't even say anything; the second was a few months later & i got a letter stating that dilutes can be considered as trying to cover something up.....& that this one was excused, but further dilute tests would count as a positive test. i felt so bad- as guilty as if i had tested positive for something!! & i was always very apprehensive- even though i was 100% clean- until i knew my results were ok (i could look them up- i don't think you can now). i did learn- when i was going to test- to moderate my coffee intake- the culprit!! hang in there!! & good luck!!
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    thank you txrn2! I so want to go through this experience without any hiccups, and right here in the beginning this has to happen.... I sent them an email stating what happened at the lab. oh well, it's fine to retest cause i'm clean, it's just it makes me feel crappy.... I'll be more careful in the future. the only thing is retesting costs money. so hoping they just overlook it.
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    I have been testing for over a year...I pee when I wake up in the morning and drink my coffee as usual...I do not pee again until its time to test.. I haven't had a dilute test yet....hope things work out for you.
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    oh, I will definitely keep it from happening again!! I didn't realize I had drank that much to dilute it. I had gone to lunch prior to the test and had ice tea, so that's probably what happened. will they make me retest or what, I wonder....?
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    i test first thing in the morning....is that a possibility for you.
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    I had a dilute for IPN never heard anything and I didn't get an extra test. I guess they let one go.
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    so far, so good. nothing from IPN. I will definitely test in the mornings from now on. no more dilutes for me. so sad to feel guilty over nothing. I guess that goes with our past. I've lived so much shame and guilt, I guess i'm going to have to let go of some. thanks everyone for the responses!!
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    I think they would let a one-off dilute test go because it could be for any number of innocent reasons. But more than that, and they may suspect--understandably--that something not-so innocent could be going on and question it. So be careful.

    Best of luck with your continued recovery.
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    yes, exactly what I think. I've not been retested, yet. it's been over a week. so figured they let this one go. I will definitely make sure it doesn't happen again!!! I will go first thing in the mornings before I drink a lot fluids! thanks for the insight ya'll! being a newbie is overwhelming, but i'm sure i'll settle in soon. my next hurdle is finding a nursing job with my criminal background..... so far, all doors have opened for me thank God! my Higher Power is definitely watching over me so I have faith He will get me over the next hurdle! prayers appreciated!!
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    Thinking of you and hoping for the best.. We r here for you
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    thanks so much michelle!! means a lot! i am really looking forward to getting my life back!