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Long story short I realized I was having a problem with pain pills. It's so embarrassing to admit that this happened to me.....I never saw it coming. So with the support of my husband I went to a... Read More

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    OP, look up the DSM-IV criteria for substance dependance vs substance abuse. It very clearly defines the differences. According to the information you provided here, you are no where close to a diagnosis of substance abuse and barely meet the criteria for dependance.

    I whole-heartedly agree with what xtxrn said. Just because you developed a physiologic dependance to a legally prescribed drug dose not make you an abuser and you should not have to be punished or worry about others finding out.

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    Quote from babypanda123
    I never thought of it that was i am just now getting a crash course in the vocabulary of this type of medical care.

    I was taking them for pain....then I was taking them because they made me feel less depressed (for which I am also being treated for now), and when I realized that if I didn't take them I would get sick I got scared and got help. I have no idea how he coded my appointment. My billing receipt says "initial assessment" and subsequent visits say "med management" He told me that he "doesn't answer to the nursing board" and that the ONLY time he would release my medical records would be for a "criminal suponea" and that he would not respond to the nursing board as he is not required to do so by law. Then of course the standard harm to self/harm to others. He said if I were to ever be questioned about it by my employer to say "pain management" and nothing more....then call him
    This is not the behavior of addiction When an addict feels better, they will do just about anything to get more of THAT drug (or class of meds=opiates). They don't think "Hm, this isn't good. I need some help".

    I don't see where this is substance abuse. If you would have been admitted to the drug/alcohol rehab I worked at, you would have been, more than likely, medically detoxed and sent home. I think the addictionologist's referring of this as med management is correct, and shouldn't raise any red flags w/insurance or the pharmacy.

    Relax, and just get through this heartbeat:heartbeat
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    Thanks for the support guys. I really appreciate it. Trust me I am not discussing this with anyone. No one knows but my spouse. I don't know what I would do if my license was threatened. I'm thankful I have health insuranse to cover this Med but I'm sure
    as nurses you can understand my worry
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    I don't have any knowledge but since so many hospitals self-insure and many require you to fill your prescriptions at the hospital itself, I would be worried about a "leak" from the hospital pharmacy staff. Does anyone else have any opinions about this?

    Do you really feel safe re confidentiality getting meds filled at your hospital pharmacy?
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    I know some one that takes subutex and is afraid to get hers at her place of employment/insurance. Also, I've known people who take suboxone and/or subutex
    And it's a fine drug to use but it's trading one drug for the other and it's harder to come off of than pain pills. The withdrawal s/s are much more intense and longer coming off suboxone, trust me, I've seen it first hand. Just taper off and try not o stay on it too long unless you just absolutely have to stay on it to maintain your sobriety. Good luck.
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    Ok, I am stupid I guess but how would your ins company know you are a nurse? I guess if you got healthcare through a hospital or what not but still there are many positions within a hospital that have people that are unlicensed,

    Good job for you on seeing you have a problem, that is a HUGE 1st step!! Most people do abuse whatever the substance may be to mask emotional pain. Get into some NA meetings so you can have a support group and a sponsor. I will be saying a prayer for your recovery and regarding your upcoming decisions you have to make regarding it. I have a family member that went through this but they DID come out on the other side!!

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))) ))))))))))))))

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    I worked for the leading health insurance company in the nation for 10 years as a utilization review nurse. If you think adhering to HIPAA is huge in the hospital, it is ten time more enforced in the insurance biz..I would not even be able to tell your husband about your healthcare or meds without him filling out a 3 page release form with your signature notarized in 2 places before I could release ANY information. The HIPAA laws are a pain for us nurses to work with sometimes, but they are there to prevent just this kind of ignorant prejudice that the general public..(and many BONs) have... that just because you are HIV positive, have Hep C, have received mental health care, or seek medical care for a tolerance problem..then you must be a scum of the earth bad person.

    I feel you have nothing to worry about with disclosure from the insurance company and that you can answer honestly that you have never been treated for addiction. Your doctor is right..he does not have to disclose anything unless it involves criminal behavior..and even would take a court order to compel him to disclose and his lawyer would fight that. I feel that it is so sad that we nurses must work with this "witch hunt" mentality from our employers and BONs.

    That being said..kudos to you for your proactive insight...and as you can see..we are a pretty non judgmental crowd out here..and I, again, commend you for taking care of yourself, before the drugs took care of you forever.
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    Quote from backtowork
    I feel that it is so sad that we nurses must work with this "witch hunt" mentality from our employers and BONs.
    ..and I, again, commend you for taking care of yourself, before the drugs took care of you forever.
    The above two statements very eloquently summarize exactly what I have been thinking while reading this thread. I am outraged that nurses aren't allowed to be human beings and are treated like the scum of the earth for having human frailties, even when we deal with them ethically and responsibly.

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