Can a TPAPN nurse charge or precept?

  1. I tried searching on several sites and could not find any info on that. I found that they can not handle narcotics, count pyxis, float, work night shift and work overtime.
    Nothing was found on charge nurse or preceptor restrictions.
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  3. by   TXRN2
    i would call your case manager & ask. i guess it might depend upon the circumstances- as the TPAPN nurse has to be under direct supervision of another RN. best to find out directly from TPAPN.
  4. by   jackstem
    The nurse should have a Consent Agreement (CA) from TPAPN which spells out restrictions. The CAs we see in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana will list restrictions, monitoring requirements, reporting/paperwork requirements, etc. TXRN2's suggestion to contact TPAPN is a good one.

    The numerous clients we have with the law office generally aren't permitted to supervise other nurses which sounds like they couldn't precept. The whole purpose for these contracts with specifications limiting things the nurse can do is to decrease the stress of re-entry to the workplace so the nurse can strengthen their recovery skills in the real world.

    Some treatment facilities and monitoring programs rarely discuss the HALTSS acronym for relapse... H=Hungry, A=Angry, L=Lonelyy, T=Tired, S=Stressed, S=Sick. These are things that can increase the risk of relapse in a recovering addict. The more you have, the greater the risk. Hence the "no floating" (increased stress and "alone" time), no night shifts (less supervision more alone time, increased risk of fatigue and disrupted sleep time), no overtime (increased fatigue, increased stress, difficulty attending support groups, more time around cues and triggers). This is also why they restrict work environment during the reentry period. Most nurses aren't permitted to work in ERs, ICUs, home care, hospice care in the home, etc.

  5. by   bunni_rn
    In reply to Ivana, I found that we are able to work night shift, as long as there are other RN's working. I'm an ER nurse, and my TPAPN case worker told me that I can go back to ER on nights. Well, that would be the case if anyone would hire me.