Board rejected TPAPN?

  1. The board rejected my participation in TPAPN. My case is still under investigation. Why would they do that? Is that a sign they might not give me the option of doing TPAPN versus suspension or revocation?? Pretty nervous right now...
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  3. by   texasgirl77
    Oh man I sure hope the board doesn't reject my participation in tpapn! At the informal hearing that was the suggestion they were going to make. Keep me posted!
  4. by   lifeistweet
    Just curious as to why they would reject your participation. Would it be for noncompliance?
  5. by   bigdttu
    I had missed a couple of random firstlab calls, and of course some of them were days i was to be tested. I restarted TPAPN for noncompliance. My case mnager said some times the board will reject your current participation in the program, and then "board order" TPAPN. Tjat way the board has the final say...i'm not sure if the did that because i restarted due to noncompliance, or they were plannin on doing that in the first place?? On the BNE website it states they typically will recommend or order TPAPN with my type of charges....but, we shall see.
  6. by   bl lvn
    so what happened?!
  7. by   diva rn
    Have you been compliant since re entering? It sounds like they want to turn it around and make you Board ordered now. But, just curious, why would you miss more than 1 random uds? I can see missing one but more than that? The IPN counts that as a relapse and will send you back to square one...evaluation, etc...
  8. by   rngaltx
    I was board ordered TPAPN, I didn't take it very seriously, TPAPN sent my case back to the board and my license was suspended for a year. I had several 'blips' on the radar screen that contributed to my license being suspended. It's my doing and I will jump through whatever kind of hoops are placed in front of me when my license is reinstated. I'm not going to sugar coat the fact the BON is intimidating. bigdttu, PM me, I bet we are in the same area. Do you have an attorney?
  9. by   I love the OR
    I am of the opinion because they CAN so they DO.

    I self-reported, after the fact, a DWI conviction, 2003 and a Domestic Assault conviction, also 2003 with my renewal in 2008. My license was issued. Prior to my renewal in 2010, the BON requested I have an EVAL by an approved provider. I willing and happily did so. His finding were: while there was no evidence of a substance abuse in the 6.5 years past the previously mentioned, it was his opinion, my rebellious style (his words) and lack of coping, my words as they pertain to my actions and guilty pleas, during that time, 2 years of peer assistance program and all that entails was his recommendation???!!!
    At the time of this eval, I was 3-11 charge of a newly appointed level 2 OR as a contract nurse. Taking call, working unsupervised... all the things YOU CAN NOT DO INITIALLY. While I readily admit there was previously a problem, since that time 2004, I made a choice to abstain from ETOH because as an adult, and the difficulties ETOH had brought to my life, it made sense to me THE RISK WAS NOT WORTH IT.
    The BON subsequently sent an order I did not think was appropriate due to its limitations, duration and cost. Further the length of time that had passed now, 8 years, since the incidents occurred. I hired and attorney, was evaluated by another board approved addictionologist, who countered the evaluation of the BON's preferred provider. 1 year has gone by; and thru my attorney, numerous, countless requests were made to negotiate a more suitable order. Formal Charges were filed on my license, for reasons NO ONE CAN EXPLAIN, immediately after I hired an attorney. I had just completed an assignment and have not been able to procure employment since 11/9/10!!!! As I waited for the order that I was WILLING to accept to avoid the pending loss of my vehicle...3 months later, the order arrived and was not exactly as we had discussed. The car was gone. I was advised and chose not to agree to that order June 11. I, thru my attorney have been begging to go to hearing. Hearing has been set for 12/1/11. In the meantime, I have lost my car and pending a short sell, I will lose my home, as well.

    I fully recognize the issues I have and those that I have had. I have had an exemplary work history since 2004, provided letters of reference from each employer, letters from patients and the recognition I was given by colleagues for service EVERYDAY above and beyond. After going to my senators office for assistance and many calls made by her on my behalf; FINALLY, I was afforded the opportunity to speak to the Attorney for the General Counsel. We spent the entire day on the phone negotiating an order that is reasonable, and by that I mean, MAKES SENSE AND FITS THE CIRCUMSTANCE.
    However, I am devastated, shocked and angered. My options were; to either, sign a legal document admitting to and agreeing to something, I BELIEVE IS NOT APPLICABLE AND GROSSLY OVERSTATED follows you for the remainder of your career, or: lose the very happy, healthy and full life I had worked hard to attain for me and my children. Texas is one of the few states that imposes no time limit as to how long a case or investigation can sit, investigated and/or, not proven. I do not feel that is an acceptable method and can be so very detrimental to the nurse. EVERYBODY HAS TIME CONSTRAINTS AND THERE SHOULD BE MANDATES AS TO HOW LONG IT TAKES TO RESOLVE THESE CASES.

    We all have the interest of the public at heart. I, too, am the public.
    Further, I am a human being. I have not felt there was anyone thinking about my well-being, safety and comfort as this matter sat on their desk after numerous attempts to resolve the matter.

    Thank you for reading and allowing me to share my experience. I look forward to your thoughts and experiences as well.

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  10. by   NurseSDRN
    I was in the EEP program here in texas. Never had a Dirty drug screen, never had any problems. After 3 months in EEP i failed A drug screen due to alcohol. In my ignorance I thought that part pertained to DUi/DWI's. now im kicked out of the program an being reviewed by the board. What happens now?