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    So, as of today, I have been sober for 7 months. I have been in my monitoring program 3 months (participation wise) and 1 month 2 weeks since I signed my recovery monitoring contract. Hopefully, in a month and a half or less (I don't know what date it goes by), I will be looking for my first nurse job.

    I have countdowns. I mark another day off each day. It helps.
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    Congratulations! Doesn't it feel good to be sober?! Good luck with your job search. I had an interview today but the aftercare is likely an issue because I would have to leave work early one day a week and that doesn't typically go over well with employers. Oh well. Hope your search goes better.
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    I hope it goes well, too. Sorry about your job search troubles. I have actually considered doing mental health and going on for a substance abuse counselor certification and then, eventually, once I am established in my career, going on for my MPH.

    Nursing field wise, I am thinking public health, mental health, and detox clinics. I may be a new grad but I have a ton of personal experience in this realm. I think personal experience can set a person apart. Anyone can get the education and hopefully, work experience, but not too many people can say they have walked in our shoes. That is important when dealing with people with addiction, dependence, and mental illness. It's important to me anyway.
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    Sounds like you've got some good options. And hopefully your recovery will benefit you rather than be an obstacle.

    I do have to say that the MD congratulated me on my sobriety, which was nice. Most doctors don't even know what to say to me after I tell them that I'm a recovering alcoholic.
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    That's my hope, too. That it will be a benefit and not an obstacle. I have a mental illness and an alcohol problem, I am not a criminal. If anything, we should be welcomed into the work field as people who can bring something different to the table. I keep telling myself to look at it as the glass half full, not half empty. I had a professor tell me that my issues should be considered an asset, not anything negative. I agree.

    Well, I will congratulate you, too. How many months/years?
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    Congrats... im new to the forum..nice to meet yall..
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    I have 1 yr, 3.5 months sober. I have a slew of mental disorders but they've been controlled with meds for many years and didn't affect my nursing skills. But I empathize with you having to deal with both.

    As for the job search, although I'm glad I reported to the board early on, now it's just getting in the way of my career so hopefully I can end the consent early. I'm giving it until next September which will give me 2 years in aftercare. I heard of someone doing this (who was reported for diversion, no less) and he got his consent ended early.

    I'd like to think that we have special skills because of what we've been through and that should add something to the job search. If you look in the recovery field/mental health field then you should be golden. Oh, and look for a mental health group that is modeled after the clubhouse model. They encourage people with disorders to apply for jobs. Look into it.
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    Quote from MichelleRN34
    Congrats... im new to the forum..nice to meet yall..
    Hi Michelle!
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    Hey, Michelle! Welcome!
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    [QUOTE=wish_me_luck;7025117]Hey, Michelle! Welcome![/QUOTE

    Thanks...after looking through this forum it seems we have a lot of the same concerns.... I need support through this hard and scary time in my life.... About 15 months ago i made a medication error with a narcotic. I missed an order to decrease Vicodin from 2 to 1 and gave it accordingly. The following Monday i was called into my DONs office and questioned. I absolutely did not divert medication. I was taken to employee health for a drug screen. About 2- 3 weeks previously i had a hard time and accepted a Joint from a friend. I was not a regular smoker at all. Lesson learned. I haven't not taken any drugs since that incident. I made a promise to myself that even though i was not addicted to any substance it was not worth it. Needless to say i was terminated from my job and turned in to the BON. The BON gave me three choices. decided to surrender my license for a year and jump through all the hoops required to reinstate my license. I went in front of the BON last Thursday. I was put on a probationary license with the only stips being evals filled out every three months by my supervisor for one complete year and continue with drug monitoring program until evals are complete. Im now scared that no one will want to hire me. I have an interview on Monday. i dont know weither to be hopeful or not. I need all the friendly support i can get.

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