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I am an L&D nurse in CO. I had my review and was told someone suspected me of diverting narcotics. I admitted that I did once last year after I had surgery. My manager told me that she would write... Read More

  1. by   Umberlee
    My former employer notified the police department of my diversion--so hypocritical, since they were diverting medications from one patient to another when they were short on meds, "stealing" in the exact same sense that I was.

    An investigating officer called me and took my version of events which, once again, I just tearfully admitted everything. I guess it worked out okay for once because he basically just stated that he was not going to issue a ticket/arrest warrant/whatever at that point but would defer the report to the DA and the DA would have the option to prosecute. Looking back on this right now it makes me so infuriated at my old job--no sense of loyalty whatsoever. I worked there for twelve years and I took WASTED medications for my own use, but they went as far as they could in firing me, fighting my quest for unemployment, trying to get me prosecuted, etc. They are very big in the community here and I am just sick every time I hear a commercial or have to deal with another program of theirs. Once property values rebound and I can unload this house, I am out of here. Going off on a tangent--the wounds are fresher than I thought, I guess.

    Anyway, I was terrified for quite awhile just waiting to hear from the DA, but I never did. Once I joined Peer Assistance Services my case-manager recommended that I contact the DA to "follow up" and see whether charges would be pressed. REALLY? "Hello, Mr. DA, remember my case? I stole drugs from work, I was just calling to make sure you planned to prosecute me?" Anyway, I nodded and said sure to my case manager and OF COURSE never contacted the DA and I still have not heard from them.
  2. by   hopper812
    I am in Va. mine is not for diverting either, I did not realize that you had a thread for Va HPMP Thank you I will search for it
  3. by   jwmwinter
    Regarding your predicament, I feel you shouldn't jump the gun quite yet. As stated above, it's difficult to wait, but that's your safest option. I also feel your honesty will play a huge part in their decision. As far as no one to talk to, the one reply was right, you have this community to talk to. Also, if you go on your state's website under the BON program, they will provide meetings just for nurses in recovery. These meetings are private, safe and secure. You can find all the support you need at these meetings. Although easier said then done, try to relax and trust that the right decision will be made. God bless.
  4. by   delivern
    so far I am on an extended probabltion.... on more strike and i'm out. now i've have write up for several other things that were never brought to my attention before this.
    I am in trouble for staffing, and the way things were handled when I was not in charge. I feel like there is a target on my back.
    I have another job offer. My interviewes started a long time before any of this came up.
    am i safe to take it. try not to use my current diffector.
    scared. but would love this new job
  5. by   HunnieBadger
    Maybe the new job is a sign its time for change. I had my chance to leave my job before all my wrong doings and if I had taken the other job, my path would've been completely different. Needless to say I wouldn't have diverted, it was an outpatient surgery center doing per-op IVs and pt prep. There were no meds or access to them!