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Absolute Miracle!

  1. 2 I'm out of my box with joy- although I know this is just another day it really is more than that... I am 18 months old today!!! And I really am so greatful to be where I am. I am about to start working on my pre-reqs for Nursing in about a month. I can honestly say it means the world to me to have people (**nurses**) in recovery who are so supportive. I never thought in a million years a junkie like I was could be a real human being like I am learning to become! Thank God and thank you all for all of your well wishes!
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    Congratulations and good luck in your sobriety. I hope all goes well with your pre-reqs and the admission process. God Bless and may the miracles keep coming.
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    Happy belated birthday-and-a-half, and congrats on working toward nursing school!